Palin Claims Another Trophy For The Wall.

Looks like Sarah has her teeth in yet another tail

And this is exactly what Sarah needs to be doing now.  Currently she is the ONLY Conservative political figure with the stones (ovaries?) to stand up and take shots at the Statist and Marxists.  Funny how a relative newcomer to politics is able to so handily defeat lies without any support from a party or the press.  Makes you wonder what a concerted effort by real conservatives could do?  But alas, they’ve all been bled out of National Politics by the Blue Blood/Bush “Compassionate” Conservative (read Statist) takeover of the GOP. 

While I still think she has zero chance at becoming the next POTUS, she still needs some cover and fire support from others to accomplish the goal of getting real Conservatism back into national politics.  I desperately want some other governors who love this country enough to step forward and start taking carefully aimed shots at those responsible for the mess we are in.  Or will those “leaders” show all they care about it appeasing the GOP leadership so they can be ordained for their shot at the Whitehouse. 

BWO Breda


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