Frankly, I’m so in love with this story.  I just enjoy watching the media, and lefties in general, take a collective fudge dump in their tightly wound up panties.  Let me translate the headline a little to show you the total asinine nature of it.  “Man does something legal!  Film at 11!” 

Why is something legal news worthy?  Anyone?  You there in the back.  That’s right!  When the Mouth of Sauron (State Run Media) wants to make it illegal.  Think about all the stories they do in the “Public Interest” about this loophole or that activity that SHOULD be illegal, but yet is perfectly within the law.   Things like selling guns and speaking out against the government are fodder for our moral betters in the media as they try to show us the way to enlightenment. 

Never mind that the gun toters really aren’t near the POTUS.  Never mind that guns are legal.  Never mind that even in their own story the SS agent spokesman clearly states that the POTUS was never in danger.  If Obama had been in danger, you can bet that anyone suspected of endangering him would be eating concrete with 10 Agents on his back and small automatic weapons pointed at the back of their head. 

Can you tell from the picture in the story if that is just bad lighting or did they purposely try to frame out the person’s head because he looks ethnic?  A clean cut man with a rifle properly slung at an Obama protest and he goes “unidentified?”  Me thinks if he was Cletus-esque with a NASCAR hat and blue jeans we’d know who he was, pictures would be on every news outlet, and his address would be forwarded to the SEIU for “reeducation”. 

WOW!  Yes, if you watch the video it was, indeed, a black man.  HMMMMM????  Wonder why they cropped the picture the way they did? 

Do watch the video if you can.   It’s very rough to view.  You have to sit though a total assault on your intelligence.  It’s like watching somebody give their statement to the cops.  “I was standing on the corner minding my own business and SOMEDUDE just showed up with a gun.  He was shouting things while we were saying our prayers and being polite to everyone and even helping elderly cross the street.”   Also note the SEIU astroturfers with the pre printed signs that managed to hog in the shot behind the man. 

Good God CNN!  Do you think we are that dumb?  Well, of course you do.  And you have evidence to back that up.  It’s currently in the Oval Office. 

I applaud these people open carrying.  I could never do that.  Not in Houston.  We are allowed to carry long arms openly in Texas, but I guarantee you that the Good Old Libs that run this sanctuary city would find a way to say that I was carrying it in a “threatening manner” and run me in.  Sure I might beat the rap, but not the ride.  And as the SS Agent in the story says, “We pay attention to this…”  I wonder who’s getting that IRS audit this year?

Oh… BTW CNN, these people carrying guns at political rallies?  That’s EXACTLY what the 1st and 2nd Amendments are for.  So that WE can show our displeasure with the Government and let them know in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that WE pay attention to this and take it very seriously.   Now go change your undies and stop acting like… I can’t say that; that would be an insult to little nervous girls everywhere.

*****************EDIT!!!!! Tam has Video!



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