The Media Has Spoken! You Must Surrender Your Rights!

Another talking head who only understands the 2nd Amendment in relation to hunting bricks his drawers over the whole Legal Guns within 10 miles of the POTUS issue.  

So if I get his argument he,”… understands the freedom of speech and all this stuff…”  But since the media thinks it’s stupid, you shouldn’t exercise your rights because SOMEONE ELSE might do something stupid.  And to prove his point he brings up a case where a “prisoner” took a gun from a guard and shot someone. 

Ok… so a prisoner, who can’t get a gun anywhere else, sees a target of opportunity and grabs the gun from an officer and tries to continue his life of crime buy attacking people.  And that is supposed to be EXACTLY the same as somebody (a non-criminal somebody) who just happens to see this gun in public and goes nuts.  Because guns do that to people, you know.  They just drive people over the edge.  Well… only handguns since it’s OK for you to own “…Hunting rifles and shotguns…,” but not evil handguns.  

So it wouldn’t be possible for a person who wants to do harm to someone to have their own weapon?  We’re not talking about “prisoner” who’s only opportunity to have a gun is to take one from a guard.  We are talking about free people who, when they want to do something bad, generally come already prepared for the bad they wish to do.  Oh but I forgot; the mere presence of a gun will drive them to want to kill. 

Let me debunk that one.  It’s the person not the tool that is responsible for what happens.  Don’t blame the bottle of urine when some jackhole places a Crucifix in it.  Blame the jackhole.  Don’t blame the gun/knife/car/baseball bat/crow bar/shovel when some idiot kills someone with it.  Blame the idiot.  If the gun was this almighty mind control device, there’d be more dead bodies across this nation than the funeral industry would be able to deal with in a month of Sundays.  They certainly wouldn’t be beaten out by tobacco, doctors and traffic accidents.

And let’s just say some SEIU clown decided to try and take the gun away from a law abiding citizen; how quickly would that SEIU idiot be lit up with sighting lasers?  His prospects for life would be just a bit better than his prospects for kissing concrete or dying in a hail of bullets only because the Secret Service is a very professional organization.  Certainly better than most other Federal Agencies with firepower.  Either way, the POTUS, who is no where near the event, would be untouched.  You need to bring a grenade launcher to be able to get anywhere near the POTUS where these “incidents” are happening.

Let me try the argument out with something else to see if it works there.  I shouldn’t take a radio to a public event with the President hundreds of yards away, because someone else may steal it and play Rush Limbaugh.  Perhaps I shouldn’t take a cell phone into a theater because someone may steal it and talk during the movie?  NO I KNOW ONE THAT WORKS!  I shouldn’t drive a car to a rally near the POTUS because someone may steal my car and use it run over the POTUS!  No?  You know cars can make people do stupid things too.

Kudos to Texas’ own loveable fruitbat, Ron Paul.  He made that whinging useless talking head look every bit as stupid as he really was.  Oh Ron, you can’t win, but you would be such a fine President.  You’d last all of 3 days before lynched, but damn!  …what a fine 3 days those would be.


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