Taking Guns To Political Events. Chapter, The Next.

Now that the Whitehouse has made its move in this phase of the 2nd Amendment chess game, what should the Pro 2nd Amendment counter move be? 

Of all the responses to the media made up crisis, the Whitehouse has responded with their best move.  They could have ignored it, which would have made them look incompetent.  They could have fought it, which would have made them look scared.  But no, they simply quoted the truth.  Novel how an administration that is so dead set on spinning its way into trillions of dollars of control over healthcare and our lives is losing that battle even though they control ALL the articulate power.  Yet on the gun issue, they tell the truth and they end up with a strong position.  Makes one wonder why they just can’t tell the truth about healthcare?   But I digress.

So we find ourselves with three moves to make ourselves.  1) Simply stop carrying to these events.  We’ve made our point.  Let it go.  2) Keep carrying to these events.  Let the public see us armed and sane and not rabid gun fiends who like to lock ourselves up in fallout shelters or sit in mom’s basement trying to live out our supercop fantasies.  3) Last, step up the noise.  Go all Black Panthers and have multiple people show up with evil looking guns in an organized fashion

In my opinion, Options 3 is made of pure fail.  It’s playing right into the fears of target demographic of Sarah Brady and Paul Helmke.  It may actually give anti-2nd Amendment forces some traction in pushing back because an armed group looks menacing; which is, of course, why the media was trying the paint the Arizona AR incident as a bunch of white guys with assault rifles in their initial broadcasts. Never mind it was a single black guy with a one semi-auto rifle with such a historically weak round that several States won’t even let you shoot at Bambi with it.   

Which leaves us with keep on carrying on or back off, and frankly, I’m torn.  Backing off preserves the win and leaves the precedent intact.  But carrying as normal allows us to engage people at street level.  When they see that NOTHING is coming of it.  No blood in the streets and such, it weakens the position of Little Sarah One Note and her cabal of freedom haters.  But it also runs the risk that someone whose ellelator doesn’t reach the penthouse could make us look bad.  And we all know that there are people that we would never want to see at the range with a loaded firearm let alone in public.  But that is the price of living and loving in a free society.  We get that.  The left doesn’t. 

Say some twit with an H und K and a SpecOps wannabe persona decides that he KNOWS the law and carries in a place he thinks is legal.  But by some quirk of State law, it’s not.  He gets arrested and the headlines are not, “Man reads law incorrectly and gets arrested,” they are, “Rightwing Extremist Gunman threatens President, arrested at rally.”  How much damage would that do? 

I don’t really fear someone sweeping the crowd or going Columbine on us.  People like that tend to stay away from venues with armed police and Secret Service agents.  I guess it’s in their self-preserving cowardly natures to stay away from people who can shoot back. 

The single nutball who believes himself to be the savior of mankind or thinks he can win the affections of an actress who plays for the other team are going to try stupid things no matter what; and they usually carry their guns concealed.  The media will try to lump them in with us and may even succeed.  But we can’t control that, all we can control is our own actions and try to police our own gun culture. 

Maybe we should try a middle ground.  Maybe we should encourage more open carry at non-political events while at the same time keep going to political ones openly carrying (where legal) but unloaded.  If you have a Semi-auto weapon, keep the magazine out of it in a separate holster.  If you have a wheelgun, get a speed loader or speed strips.  You want to carry a bolt gun?  Do it bolt open and unloaded with rounds in your holder. 

I know, I know.  That defeats the purpose of our saying we need to be ready to defend ourselves any place any time.  I get that.  But I also get that a little good will goes a long way.  We can make the point that we are gun owners, not loons, and keep the Soccer Mom’s from wetting themselves by showing up to Presidential rallies armed but not loaded.  Just a show of good faith that we have teeth but we only wish bear them now in a smile. 

And let’s be honest with ourselves, the whole point of showing up to a political rally with a gun, loaded or not, is as a not so gentle reminder that the sheep, do in fact, have teeth.  We don’t really intend to use an AR in a gun battle with pedestrian thugs (although it would be better than a 9mm); it’s just not convenient to carry around all day.  We don’t intend to “water the tree of liberty” right here right now.  We just intend to educate our elected officials that the 2nd Amendment is there for a reason.  And should they ever do anything that gives us cause to enact our full (and worst case scenario) rights under the 1st and 2nd Amendments, we have the will, ability, and tools to do so.  It’s good to remind the rancher, from time to time, that the cattle can stampede.  It keeps from actually having a stampede when everyone respects the cattle and is wary of the potential.

Anyway, the next move will be interesting.  Since there really is no central script generating HQ like there is for the anti-2nd Amendment crowd, people who own guns and seek to make their political points known are driven only by their own inner conscience.  And that is what scares the halls of power the most; that there are people out there not driven by talking points, but by their honest investment in a belief so diametrically opposed to the state’s desire for control.

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