Lysdexia And Blogging.

I often wonder how much easier it would be to write if I didn’t have the tendency to make word salad.  I’ve never formally been diagnosed with dyslexia, but in a former adult life as a teacher I took some pretests out of curiosity to check what I’ve always suspected.  My findings were confirmed by others.

I managed to make it through school with pretty good grades but have always been a slow reader (in comparison to my peers).  Since I was able to make 90’s and above and didn’t disrupt the classroom, I was never tested. When writing, however, I’ve always depended on spell checkers and editors to catch things I don’t see.  And Numbers?  OY!  Don’t get me going on numbers.  Typing in a Credit Card number on a web order is an exercise in EXTREME caution.  If I burn through it… I will get burned. 

So now that I’ve taken up blogging and am toying with writing, my problems are magnified.  I’ll reread a post a day or to later when my neurons are firing a bit better and I’ll see something that doesn’t look right.  Or someone will come along and let me know that the spell checker didn’t catch that transposed set of letters that transforms a God given right or large fuzzy animal into something a woman in the Islamic World could get stoned for. UGH!

So when you read something of mine and screw you face up in confusion, please understand why.  I just don’t see what I saying sometimes.  Maybe if I win the Lotto, I can hire an editor to berate me on a daily basis?  Oh wait… I already have a wife. 

Oh I’m so getting in trouble for that one!

Oh BTW: When I was teaching, we had intramural sports.  One of the BEST names for a team I’ve ever seen was Lysdexic Menfresh!  OUTSTANDING!

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