No, The ATF Hasn’t Taken Me To A FEMA Prison.

Please excuse my lack of Postiness over the last few days.  I’ve been on a retreat with my wife.  We decided to do some work on the marriage.  Nothing was wrong, but like a car that’s just turned over a major millage milestone, we needed the timing belt changed, some oil and lube, and other regularly scheduled maintenance.  The effects?  Well, let’s just say I feel 19 again and more in love than I thought possible.* 

The weekend was sponsored by World Wide Marriage Encounter and more specifically, the Houston Area’s Marriage Encounter groups. If you want to bring a hirer level of love in your marriage, I STRONGLY recommend attending one of these retreats.  Be warned, Romance is in the air by the second day so… um… just be forewarned you don’t have a lot of time between sessions and some times you will want some extra time.  I’m not sayin’… I’m just sayin’.

The weekend is broken up into group sessions then private couple time to Dialogue on the questions posed.  Be also forewarned that the weekend is about FEELINGS not PROBLEM solving.  It’s about getting the couple to more deeply understand how each other feels about things.  The focus is to teach ways to clear away emotional walls that spring up around deep feelings and encourage couples to share them.  Bringing down the walls, by its very nature, makes problem solving easier.  But that is a byproduct of the process, not the goal.

Now Normally, I’m not exactly what one would call, “Feelings Oriented”.  When I hear someone say, “I feel…” in place of “I think…” my spine turns to rigid steel rebar, fangs of titanium extend, and poison begins to form in my tongue that gets spewed with all the anger of a true words lawyer. “YOU MEAN ‘YOU THINK!’ …YOU TOUCHY FEELY HIPPIE!”  But the process respects the distinction between “I feel…” and “I think…” and isn’t trying to feminize the thinking process into simple “kind non-judgmental leftist” double talk.  Besides, this is your spouse and feelings are important.  Hell, feelings can be everything.  Besides sex, feelings are the one thing that you can truly share with him or her that you can’t be vulnerable enough to share with anyone else. 

This is a Catholic Organization but it is open to mixed faith couples as well as those who are NOT Catholic.  In fact, they try to reserve a certain number of slots for those who aren’t Catholic at all.  There is no proselytizing, but there is no compromise in its Catholicity either.  If you are ANTI-Catholic**, then this probably isn’t for you.  However, if you just AREN’T Catholic, there is nothing offensive in the weekend. 

Anyway…  Blogging will now return to normal.  That is all.


* … and more than just a bit naughty. 😉
**  If you are Anti-Catholic, you probably won’t be reading this blog anyway so…

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