Teddy Kennedy Dies. I Wish I Could Summon The Snark.

It’s now time for all the fawning stories and revisionist history that the Kennedy clan seems to be able to afford in this life.  I’m sure there will be a grand love-in about how wonderful he was.  The Cathedral will be packed and few in the media or pulpit will say one word about Mary Jo and the millions of dead babies he’s left in his wake.

I never like to say things like, “I hope they rot in hell.”  I say it out of anger and frustration at times, but I feel bad about it.  Really, I do.  I always hope for “Death Bed” conversions of people or pray that someone was so whack-a-doodle that they may not be culpable for their actions on this side of the All a Worm Can Eat Buffett.  If, in Teddy’s case, by some miracle he began to breath his last, looked up, saw the mistakes of his life, and called on a merciful Lord to forgive him in perfect contrition, he’ll be sweeping up the floors and turning off the lights in purgatory long after the rest of humanity is dancing in the green grass and mystical happiness of Heaven. 

Why do I believe that?  As a Catholic, I cut no slack to people who profess the same faith as I do yet refuse to assent to its teachings.  I have friends who are Wiccans and have more respect for their philosophy, even thought I disagree with everything it stands for, than I do for a Catholic who openly thumbs his nose at Dogma and Doctrine like Teddy did.  A wealthy leader who’s turns his back on his Church’s teachings for his own political goals seems to come under the scrutiny of, “Much will be required of the person entrusted with much.”* And to me that adds up to a betrayal of God and his people that cries to heavens for justice. 

Today, Teddy stood before his God, whether he believed in him or not, and there was no press secretary, no lawyer, no neck brace of sympathy, no DNC, no State Run Media there to defend his actions.  Just he and God face to face.  How sad that a person given so much power and who professed to be a man of faith will be called to account with nary a shred of defense in his favor.  What will be his reaction when God shows him the gentle faces of the children he helped murder.  What will be his reaction when he’s shown Mary Jo’s face?  What will be the reaction to all the pain and suffering he’s caused and to all the people who he’s helped tempt to sin?  Their sins are not fully his, but his mentoring has led to their acceptance of the millstone. 

Now imagine yourself in Teddy’s shoes.  Close your eyes.  Drink deeply of the pain and suffering that YOU are being accused of; especially Catholics who profess on Sunday what they profane on Monday.  What will YOU feel like when God asks, “Why?” 

I can’t remember who this paraphrase is from, but it goes something like, “Think on the end of your life and you will never sin.”  Perhaps that will be the one good legacy of Teddy’s.  Maybe he will be a wake call for Catholics (indeed all of any faith) who casually check off their religion on forms but don’t care enough to live it in real life.  Maybe they will think about the end and say to themselves, “Oh Hell!  I don’t want to be Kennedyed.”  I know it makes me want to re-examine things. 

Good luck Teddy.  You will need it.  I would normally say God Bless, but I’m not sure you would want me to.  Oh what the heck, it can’t hurt.  God Bless and may He have mercy on your soul.  Although I fear, in this case, He won’t. 

*Luke 12: 48 (NAB)

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