Just Say No To Service Pack Style Legislation

 We’ve all gotten used to regular Windows updates and service packs.  And don’t get all superior you Mac-o-philes, I get hit with updates on the Mac as well. 

Now working in the IT industry and dealing with software as I do, I can say that at least 60% (and I’m being VERY kind) of all service packs and updates are due to a company’s desire to get it’s slightly better than BETA software out in the marketplace PDQ.  Known bugs are brushed aside and testing for the unknown is less than stellar.  The feeling of all too many developers and designers is to let the client find the bugs and have a rapid response to a solution. 

So if Microsoft flubs a bug and it’s a super fantabulouslyserious critter; meaning clients are out some major cash and are all over MS chewing and gnawing at buttocks.  Microsoft fixes the issue if enough people gripe and its bottom line is threatened.  Other than that, when enough major, but not threatening to the immediate bottom line, issues crop up, Microsoft will cut a Service Pack that has cumulative fixes.  Fixes that themselves are not fully tested and that lead to another set of issues.  It’s a bad way to run a ship, but sadly, it’s the norm. 

Congress has subscribed to this order of business for far too long, but in recent years it has become epidemic.  Crisis legislation that has to be passed or we are all going to die has been the norm.  Major bugs are ignored and legislators pontificate how they HAVE to do something now and anything that is not taken care of will get fixed later. …in a service pack. 

Now remember, a business model of Service Pack Fix driven inadequate software has at its base level a need to make money.  You push software out and fix it when you need to so you keep a positive bottom line.  Our Government has no such requirement.  They can simply print more money and/or raise taxes.  Incumbents who are blessed by the State Run Media almost never lose an election.  And Election laws are written so that when the media is flying cover for you, you don’t even have to worry about scandals near an election.  Short of an out right coupe, Congress Critters in DC have very little to worry about in terms of their cushy jobs. 

So there is no need to worry about fixing real problems with legislation.  …Especially if the “bugs” in that legislation actually give politicians more power.  When there is no bottom line to maintain, the Service Pack Model falls apart and all the promises of future fixes to legislation that we have to have now or else, are just pie in the sky glad handing from snake oil salesmen. 

Take a simple program like the “Cash for Suckers”… I mean the “Cash for Clunkers” program.  A premise so simple that only our Government could totally screw it up.  First you steal from the public funds and promise a set sum of money to car buyers and sellers.  When a buyer brings in a qualified car (qualifications that are easy to understand might I add) and offers it in exchange for a new qualified car (also easy to ascertain), the seller will get a set amount of money from Robin Hood and use it to pay part of the buyer’s cost.  SIMPLE!  So simple that .gov needed 20 pages of application per transaction.  So simple that apps are rejected when government employees can’t (read won’t) understand them.  So simple that of the MILLIONS of dollars promised, individual dealerships are still having to carry several hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of loans to cover the cost of merchandise that the .gov hasn’t ponied up for. 

So millions of dollars are at stake, dealerships are near breaking points, and Congress has met to fix the problem with the plan??? No.  Why?  What’s it to them?  It’s not an election year and it’s only the rich car lot owners who are being stiffed.  Not like they are the rubes who fell for the handout.  Rubes who (Congress hopes) will surely reward their congress critter with a vote.  And when the car lots go out of business and their employees need hand outs; who will the come to?  Why, your friendly neighborhood legislator who will magic your cares away with another Government program.  Fix the problem with “Cash for Clunker”?  They are only problems when they affect the designer’s bottom line adversely.  Nothing adverse going on here as far as Congress is concerned.

Expand the nightmare to healthcare.  You know, the ObamaCare Plan that has several drafts and no one really knows what it all means when you put it all together but we simply must have right now or children will start dropping dead?  …ObamaCare with a cost and complexity that makes “Cash for Clunkers” look like 3rd grade Science Fair diorama of the solar system?  Imagine your Doctor closing his doors because he can’t get paid.  Imagine that surgery you need, that required a 20 page application that you had to have a lawyer help you fill out, gets rejected because the Civil Service worker gets paid the same if he reads the application or not.  Imagine your life saving treatment handled with the same ruthless efficiency that the “Dough for Dorks” program was implemented. 

Now imagine screaming at the top of your lungs to Congress who doesn’t have to worry about getting reelected because Diane Sawyer has been paid to do a hit piece on the competition.  Imagine watching your elderly parent fade into nothing and die because no one in Congress will vote on a service pack to keep that from happening. 

Obama and Congress (RINOs and Dems) need to be shown that this has gone on long enough.  Sadly, I fear it’s too late.  Even if ObamaCare is stopped, it will only be for a short time.  And it doesn’t undo the trillions of dollars and mountains of liberties we’ve already surrendered to DC over bad bills that needed to be passed because we just had to do something right away.  Bills that came with promises that the fixes that will be needed will be voted on along the way.   That’s right up there with, “The check is in the mail,” and “I from the Government and I’m here to help you.”  And a majority of voters bought the lies every time.


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