House Hunting Frustration

Well… I’ve hit a brick wall.  I can’t find anyplace that I like, can afford, and that has decent schools. 

The places out in Katy panned out very nicely.  But once me and Mrs. sat down and talked, we figured out we weren’t really comfy with the drive in having to deal with two elderly parents.  I think if it wasn’t for that, we’d probably be much more receptive to that move.  Prices were right and the schools are EXCELLENT.  But being that far from the folks that live in 2 separate areas of Houston and need weekly visits… *sigh*.

Places closer in in Fort Bend / Missouri City / Stafford that are priced right and that we can get to the folks more quickly from have crappy schools. 

Places in same that have good schools are just too expensive and would leave us house poor. 

Places in Houston have similar school problems.  And frankly, I define happiness as Houston in my rear view mirror. 

So what to do?  Put another 30 to 40 minutes between my parents and help and sentence my wife to a LOOOONG commute or buy a nice house with crappy schools to stay close to the folks and work?  

Now part of the issue we have is going down to one income.  With kids in the plans, the amount of monthly note we can afford is drastically smaller than with 2 incomes.  I’m doing all my calculations with my income as the sole source of cash flow.  If my wife planned to shuffle the kids off to daycare then this would not be an issue.  But then again, why have kids if you intend to shuffle them off to daycare and make them someone else’s problem? 

That’s not to disrespect any single moms (or dads) who got stuck raising kids when some dead beat SOB (or Phsyco-B) walked out on them.  But if you have a choice, it’s best to keep someone home with the bambino’s at least until they can yell, “BAD TOUCH!”

THIS JUST IN!  As I type this, Dad calls with a minor (at this point) medical complaint.  He, of course, being a man, will not let me take him some meds.  It’s not life threatening or ambulance worthy, but it is a reminder that being 30 minutes away is a lot more comforting that being an hour away.   *sigh*   Where was I…?

Oh yes, Kids… single income… Anywhooo…  That’s where we stand.  We are really looking at getting no traction on a house anytime soon.  blah.  Oh well, while we can, the Mrs. and I are going sock away as much $$$ as we can to make a “better fit” purchace in a year if we don’t find anything soon.  Another $30K in the bank would bring down the mortgage on a nicer home and put it within our one income means. 

Sorry for the rant, but I needed to get that off my chest.  I know there are many more important things to talk about.  The Fisking of the Constitution by Barry-O and his merry band of drunken sailors should be much higher on my list of things to bitch about, but I just can’t seem to give a flip.   Maybe I need some recoil therapy?


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