Here’s A Question For The Fawning School Admins Of America.

When I taught, I had to have a lesson plan COMPLETED, APPROVED, and FILED weeks (preferably MONTHS) before that class rolled around.  But I guess when the agenda is Socialism and not Computer Science you only have to make the final drafts available within hours of your lesson?

“But he’s the President…”  Bullpats!  When he’s trying to push an agenda and lesson to kids, he’s just another teacher who deserves even closer scrutiny because of the power he can control.  If he was pulling this crap on my kids, I’d be yanking my kids out of class and DEMANDING that I have 18 minutes to refute what he had to say.  If he wants to politicize our children, then we should have a right to fight back with more than just covering our kid’s eyes while he tries to flash them with his socialist porn of candy canes and sunshine. 

“It’s not a partisan speech…”  Again… BULLPATS!  If it’s not, why is it the same things for all kids across the board?  You don’t teach a 2nd grader with the same style and language that you teach a 5th grader let alone someone older.  If you were REALLY trying to TEACH kids, there would be targeted speeches to different age groups with different plans. 

It’s a political stunt designed first to rally kids to his support so Susie Soccer Mom who may be on the fence about Healthcare or other issues will see her kids glowing with love and sunshine from Obama and put aside her justified fears that her kids will be in soup lines and have rationed medical care in 40 years.  Obama is simply trading on his ability to say nothing very prettily and fuel a large amount of kids into blind rock star love for a few weeks while he plies their parents with promises of a Utopia that they don’t want.  The ploy is a simple misdirection to try and dislodge enough “moderate” suckers so he can get his “Public Option” and secure Nationalized Medicine. 

Its other aim is to put the rainbows and candy canes in socialism so that kids can continue to be co-opted into thinking that collectivism is just spreading the love.  That way whatever Obama’s Constitution hating warriors can’t get this go around, they may be able to get in 20 years.

My only hope is that lately every time Obama opens his mouth he drops a little further in the polls.  His aiming at kids is just another sign that he knows his bloom fell off weeks ago.  Kids, some of his most vocal supporters, are his fall back.  They can always be dazzled with dog and pony shows.  At least they can when you are new and hip.  We’ll know in a few hours if Obama’s still new and hip enough for the kids.  I pray that our children are smart enough to see that the emperor is full of it.


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