Is It Open Mic Night At 1600 Pennsylvania Ave?

The funny part about this story is that when I was reading this and this, the only thing I could think about was how Barry’s sidelines must be screaming, “NO! JIMMY!  NO!  No one wants YOUR help. PLEASE!  The last thing we want is for people to be reminded of YOU right now.”  And in true rookie fashion, Instead of letting the comments go the way of the Dodo, as is the want of comments from Jimmy “Misery Index” Cater, Obama’s camp puts their names right next to his in print.  What kind of armatures are running the show over there?

When you are trying NOT to be compared to the greatest epic fail in modern presidential history, it’s not a good idea to even acknowledge his existence.  I know what TheOne’s™ camp is trying to do.  “See. We are different than he is. Yeah.  We don’t think it’s racism.  Yeah.  See how different we are?  Really!  …Above it all.  Way above.  Trust us!” 

The thing is all anyone sees is, “Carter and Obama?  Oh I remember Carter.  Wow… Things are really about to get that bad again.  Crap!”  My goodness!  You would think with all the willing concubines in the press rooms across America, the Administration would have a clue when to STFU! 

Oh, Dante.  Don’t you see this lets The Anointed One take the high road?  It shows white people he isn’t afraid of them. 

BULL!  When you argue with a fool… as the saying goes.  Jimmy Cater is a fool and the POTUS should be no where near him.  The stink is just too great.  Whatever alien probe altered Jimmy’s brain chemistry and made him go from building houses to tearing down the US every time he has his Passport stamped has made him worthless to this country in any capacity other than proof positive that ANYONE can grow up to be President of the United States of America.  And keeping your name in the headlines with his… Amateurish

Situations in politics have the half live of a mayfly.  Things could change between now and November 2010.  But I really, for the fist time in about a year, have some hope that MAYBE someone will put a stop to this train wreck.  Now if we could just find some adults to run the show instead of spoiled Statists who think everything revolves around the Beltway.


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