Support For ObamaCare Impersonates Lawn Dart.

So says the latest Rasmussen Poll.  But we need it now and MUST PASS IT NOW or we’re all gonna die in the gutter.  But we can wait until AFTER the next Presidential Election for it to kick in.  A crisis that requires immediate action that we can wait “4 more years” on as well? 


Um… Really?  You mean to tell me that if I’m dying, from say… a gunshot wound; I need to get to the Doctor RIGHT AWAY!  But then the Doctor can wait 4 years to treat me? 

So if this isn’t about making sure Susie Soccer Mom doesn’t have her babe die in her arms while mean evil physicians laugh at her from the driver’s seats of their Beemers, while smearing illegal Beluga Caviar on the breasts of their mistresses, and swerving into puppies in school zones (which it can’t be if we can wait until 2013 to move one inch off the launch pad), then what is this about? 

Well, we all know the answer.  It has been and always will be about control.  Control over YOU; who are the enemy to Statists and Commies everywhere.  Psycho Dictators aren’t the problem.  YOU are.  You and your free will and dreams…  You ruin everything.  Your desire to get ahead and wishes for a better life for your kids.  YOU EVIL BASTARDS!  If you would just give in and let your betters run your daily life.  But you don’t.  And they can’t. …at least not without Nationalized Healthcare. 

Over dramatic?  No.  Look at laws passed for “health reasons”.  Pass a health code that condoms have to be accessible to all students at the university level, and even religious institutions who are Doctrinally/Dogmatically opposed to that have to tow the line.  Pass a health code that you can’t have “under-cooked food” and bingo; no more rare steaks or eggs over easy at the local eatery.  Pass a health code that you can’t smoke in your own home because it will cost tax payers too much money to treat your cancer and guess what… you won’t be able to.  Oh… and since you can’t opt out of having health care, you can’t do anything about it. 

You like having guns?  Sorry… too many accidents happen with them.  Not healthy. 

You like beer?  Sorry… too many accidents happen to people while intoxicated.  Not healthy.

You like loud music?  Sorry… too much hearing damage.  Not healthy. 

You like rock climbing, bungee jumping, driving your own car… OOPS! Too bad.  Don’t believe me?  Well… Everything you do is assessed a risk by someone.  Everything.  Take a “real age” quiz sometime and find out.  That data exists for only one reason and it’s not to scare you on an interw3bz quiz.  It’s for Actuary Tables.  Someone needs to know how much you cost before they can put a dollar amount to your life.  When there’s no way to opt out of insurance, no competition, and no where else to run for revenue; actuary tables will be the order of the day not just to see who lives and dies, but also to see what activities are sanctioned by your Federal Government?

Still don’t believe me?  *sigh…* Watch an episode of Mythbusters.  Chances are you will hear someone talk about what they’d LOVE to have done but the insurance company wouldn’t let them.  Just imagine what could make us do or not do when THEY are THE ONLY insurance company.  …with tanks.

So here we are with almost 60% of the country yelling, “HELL NO!”  But we are going to have it anyway.  Why?  Because by the time you find out just how bad it’s gonna hurt you, Obama will be on his second term, Congress will have written themselves another 4 years of protective measures to ensure they stay just as they are, and there won’t be a single thing you can do about it.

Well… now that’s not exactly true.  Is it?  Ladies and Gents, “…that way madness lies…” PLEASE call your elected officials and YELL YOUR BLOODY HEADS OFF.  Write them and tell them, “NO!”  Right now they are functioning under a stale old playbook.  One that will not be able to deal with the new calls brought about by desperation, chaos, and righteous anger.  Too much is at stake here.  Too much.  God help us all.

Now this may put me on a watch list.  Fine.  I’m speaking the truth.  There are few ways this can end without pain.  I’m praying for the way where we avoid this madness altogether.  I’m too old and too realistic to want any of the others.


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