I Really Want One. So Please STOP!

I like 1911’s.  I really do.  Their design, for the time, is truly inspired.  A well built 1911 will be something that you can be proud to pass on for generations.  Well… provided the U.S. is still here for generations and we aren’t all put into re-education camps by our own, or some other, government.

It has always been one of my, “really want to have guns.”   I don’t need one.  I have plenty of other handguns.  And for a defensive .45, there are better options for me.  But it’s right up there with the Garand and M1 Carbine.  No WWII history buff can even begin a real collection until those 3 weapons sit in his or her safe.

I’ve never been able to pull the trigger on one because of 2 drawbacks: The Price and The Price.

To quote Red Dwarfs, Kryten:

I know that, technically, that’s only one drawback, but it was such a big one I thought I’d mention it twice*

As said, for me it’s not the best choice for a defensive gun.  It doesn’t point well and I’m not a tall fellow.  A full size 1911 is just too much hog leg to carry.  Cut down models suffer from reliability issues unless you spend a nice hunk of cash to tune them correctly or spend a nice chunk of cash at the outset.  So I’ve just never been able to justify the dough for what amounts to, for me, a really cool gun with no practical use. 

My M1 Carbine is a great trainer.  My Garand with an adjustable gas valve is a nice hunting gun.  My Mosin’s were CHEAP and the ammo is too.  My K31 is a SERIOUSLY accurate weapon (in someone else’s hands) that also was relatively cheap. 

Aside from my Nagant Revolver, which is more of a clockwork whirligig than a gun, I really feel a handgun should do WORK.  Spending that much on a gun that will ride in my safe for all eternity seems, well… unimportant.  But still… it’s a 1911 and I want one.

…or did.  Or maybe I still do… ARGH!

The thing is, I’m getting sick and damn tired of 1911-o-philes telling me that if it’s not a 1911 then I’m going to hell for sinning against St. Browning.  The signal to noise ratio of these “experts” is reaching the level of H und K fanboys.  And I’m so damn contrarian that when someone starts telling me, “YOU HAVE TO DO THIS OR YOU SUCK,” I get really stupid. 

I’m pegging stupid now because I’m fed up with it.  I’m getting to that point where I don’t want a 1911 any more.  I don’t want a safe queen.  I don’t want a $2000 CCW that, if ever used, will end up in a police evidence room getting the “cute new teen in Cell Block D” treatment form anyone with a key to the lockup.  But mostly, I don’t want to give all those 1911 snobs the satisfaction. 

So if you would all STOP IT and let it go.  JMB was a great man and his designs are timeless.  But there are other guns that do the job and some even meet or exceed the real world capabilities of the 1911.  Just lay off it for a while so I can get an old beat up 1911 that needs some love and place to call home.  Please.

*CAT: “Maybe we should drop the defensive shields?”
Kryten: “A superlative suggestion sir, with only two drawbacks: one, we don’t have any defensive shields and two, we don’t have any defensive shields. I know that, technically, that’s only one drawback, but it was such a big one I thought I’d mention it twice”

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