Interesting Birthday.

We may be making an offer on a house tomorrow and my wife fixed my AR-7 dilemma by taking matters into her own hands and presenting me with a vintage Charter Arms AR-7 that I’m sure will function every bit as crappy as my old one.  YAY!

This one is all matte aluminum/steel unlike my original which sported the typical crappy pre-duracoat* paint job.  I wonder if this one came in this configuration or if the last owner stripped it.  I can’t find any other examples of the gun sans black paint until you get to the recent Henry models.   Either way, it’s pretty spiffy in its black on gun metal grey on black configuration.  Will add some pics later.  It’s an AR-7, not and M-14.  I doubt anyone is in a blind rush to see it. 

Oh yeah… the house thing.  Maybe.  The house is nice.  It’s not what we want but it is what we need.  Will talk to the realtor tomorrow and see what kind of contingencies we can put on the offer.  We still need to attend Mass at the local dispenser of Popery and the neighborhood and HOA need a second and thrid once-over.  So if that’s going to be an issue, the offer will have to wait until Monday.  If not… We may be making an offer in scant hours. 

Needless to say I’m a little skeered.  But I have a new gun!  And that’s always a happy.

*Actually…  I’m not sure if that was pre-DuraCoat or not.  It may have been invented by then.  In which case the finish of my old AR-7 was a too-cheap-for-DuraCoat paint job. 

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