I Think I May Go Utterly Flat Barking Bug Nutters Mad.

So… there’s this house.  It’s nice.  It’s what we need.  It’s what we can afford.  It’s close to a GREAT church.  The Neighborhood is nice.  The schools are nice.  It’s NOT in Houston.  Good back yard.  Covered patio. 

The cons… Could be a bit bigger.  No HOA.  (But then again, that could be a plus?)  It adds 20 minutes to every commute under the sun including to the elderly folks’ houses.  The local Po-Po has not gotten back to me about their CLEO’s stance on Title II weapons.  And I HATE change.

So please forgive my extended absence over the last few days whilst I’ve wrestled with these relevant issues. 


My laptop, Sybil, has driven me to my utter limits.  We took off and nuked her form orbit yesterday.  Complete brain bleaching.  She’s now felling much better.  I won’t make the mistake of putting Visual Studio on her again.  That’s when the madness started.  That’s when the decay set in.  Poor girl.  She just couldn’t take an application that is designed to make applications. 

I understand now why every developer I’ve ever worked with has that air of shock when I tell them their brainchild doesn’t work.  “It works on my system!”  Well yeah… on a system so ‘tarded up to allow Visual Studio to run; just not so much in the real world!

VS will end up on a Virtual Server this go around. 


Everyone is so pleased that Barry-O was lampooned on SNL.  Folks, draw back the joy.  This wasn’t SLN catching up with us; it’s the loony left PO’ed that he hasn’t produced Nirvana yet.  We still have our God and our guns and that really hacks them off.  Their Messiah hasn’t delivered so they are lashing out. 

So all you Libertarian / Conservative types out there who just went arse over tea pot with joy… you may want to dial it back a tidge.  All this shows is that he’s losing his 20% base, not that they’ve decided to join the other 60% of the country that’s fed up with him. 

They are still wild-eyed Socialists who are mad that we aren’t on a pace to be the People’s Republic of America any sooner than 2013 rather than by fall sweeps.


Giving Props to T-Mobile and my Treo 750.  While Sybil was gob smacked with her little brain transplant; my little out of date Treo had to perform as my sole Instant Message Platform and Email station.  It preformed admirably.  Also need to give a “hell yeah” to Palringo.  It’s kept me connected 10 hours a day for the past 2 days.  Damn… If this was 3G, I’d be dangerous. 

I’ve tried other IM programs but they seem to have connections issues.  Few don’t broadcast that you are on a mobile device.  Even fewer do Group Chats with MSN.   Palringo did it all with a smile. 


My apologies to Breda and the other one… what’s his name??  Anyway… my apologies to them for not plugging Gun Nuts the past few times.  I really hope I can return to something more closely resembling a regular schedule here soon.  If nothing else, to keep my own marbles. 

When I do return to something with an approach vector that nears sanity, I’ll be sure to tend to important things like the Tuesday Gun Nuts reminders.  Oh yeah… and plugging products for the free swag that we bloggers get since we have no ethics.  


Meh… Don’t ask, don’t get.

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