“FTC Writes New Blog Rules” Or “The State Run Media Protection Act of 2009”

By way of ex-Merchant of Death cum Fantasy Writer Extraordinaire, Larry “what round for gargoyles” Correia, we get the story of how fed.gov is trying to apply the “square peg round hole” theory in dealing with potential competition to the State Run Media’s monopoly on all information. 

So if I get this correct… If, say, Remington does some repairs on my rifle and does a wonderful job AND sends me and extra magazine for my troubles and then I heap praise on them here on my blog, I could own fed.gov $11,000?  But if I just tell some friends about it, that’s ok.  What about if I send a Tweet? 

And would the service preformed for me be reason alone for investigation.  The rules seem so vague that some inspector could eventually say that the close attention I got was do to my blog and that Remington called in the A team to “inspire” me to write a nice post.  Would Remington then own fed.gov?

So now, just because the information is on the internet and not passed word of mouth, then I’m guilty of something?  I wasn’t aware that the FTC or fed.gov owned my thoughts and words?  I understand that WE own the airwaves and that fed.gov has a right, however vague, to police them.  I just wasn’t aware that fed.gov owned the internet?  If they do, then they must own all my free speech because all the reasons used for NOT policing other outlets fly out the window. 

Funny, I pay for my internet just like others who read my blog.  I pay for Cable TV and that’s the justification for them NOT policing it.  Isn’t that the justification for not policing XM Radio?  It’s a service WE pay for and not free?  Oh and let’s not forget the asshattery that is public access channels.  Can’t do anything about the filth and lies on that because it’s CABLE TV and YOU PAY FOR IT.  Just block the station.  So when can I expect to see the rules applied to Public Access Channels?  Hmmm?

Oh… that’s right.  Public Access is owned by large media outlets.  Not little bloggers who didn’t go to journalism school or have a Senator or 3 in their back pockets.  All this free speech stuff just confuses little old me.  Maybe I should leave it to the pros. 

This is dangerous ground here folks.  A very slippery slope.  One that will surly end in Big Brother capriciously targeting citizens for almost anything because ANYTHING could be seen as a payoff.  Could the USE of a particular item for a said period of time eventually be seen as a “payoff”?  I mean… Shooting a cool AR for a week to review it; could that be seen as compensation?  I can rent an AR for 10 bucks an hour at a shooting range?  $10 * 24 hours * 7 days…. The G-men could say I was compensated to the tune of $1680. 

Now… what happens if I write a letter to the editor of my local department of deforestation and cage liners.  I’ve just reached, potentially, and entire city with my words about Remington’s excellent customer service?  I mean… if anyone really read newspapers anymore?  Shouldn’t I be investigated and fined by fed.gov then? 

I would love to say that this is DOA on any court case.  That its blatant disregard for the 1st Amendment is so obvious and odious that it would be struck down from court to court until the FTC was made to look like the buffoons they are.  But I’ve watched similar eviscerations of The Constitution get “thumbs up” from black robe after black robe until they are enshrined as golden nails in the coffin of the Bill of Rights. 

Silence Citizen!  Your right to free speech ends as the words fall from your mouth.  Everything else belongs to us. 

I’m thinking of a new t-shirt to wear to gun shows.  “Sorry, I can’t take your gimme cap.  I’m a blogger.”

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