New FTC BLOG Rules Part II

So my twisted little mind started thinkin’ on the new FTC blog rules for the preservation of the Dinosaur Media; and I now have a new question.

What IF, Jesus, arguably the universes’ largest manufacture and corporate concern… I mean, creating and maintaining the UNIVERSE and EVERYTHING has to put you at least somewhere in the middle of the Fortune 500.  Right?  So what if Jesus, in his infinite mercy, grants me a miracle apropos of nothing.  I don’t pray for it.  I don’t beseech, beg, supplicate, bow, bend, or scrape.  Just in his omnipotent beneficence he waves the magick smyting stick and POOF!

Say that miracle is saving me from a burning car.  I now have “X” more years of life worth, well… I’m sure an Actuary could be more accurate, but let’s say roughly, 2 million dollars worth of actual income.  Now let’s say after such a magnanimous gift, I run right to the magic elf box and sing the Lord’s praises offering Te Deum and Hosannas ad nauseam on my blog?  How do I declare that to the FTC? 

Will Jesus be fined $11,000?  Will I?  Will the Pope get a bill?    

Just a thought.

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