By Commies. For Commies.

Once again the Nobel Peace Prize shows its uselessness.  I guess the committee was tired of being second only to a dead dust mite in universal pointlessness and made the bold move to give the Peace Prize for “perty talkin'” and “warm fuzzies”

Oh hell, can you fault them.  That’s how we elected a President.

So I wonder how the White House feels about SHARING SOMETHING ELSE WITH JIMMY CARTER

TheOne(tm) now joins the ranks of the past winners including Kofi Annan, The United Nations, and Yasser Arafat .

Congrats Barry-O! 

Now what affect will this have on US politics?  Well, the Media, playing to the 20% hard line lefties will show this as proof that the US is on the right track with TheOne™ at the helm and will insist we pass healthcare NOW! 

The 50% of the country that fully hates Barry will not be swayed; with a large portion of those (who view any involvement in useless international organizations as “troubling”) being polarized even more to the right.  Still others will see this (as I do) as his international commie buddies trying to help out a foundering presidency. 

But that leaves 30% of the people fair game for the Media to try and trick into backing off their distrust of Obamacare.  And since they only need to move the poll numbers a little bit to give Congress the cover it thinks it needs to move on Socialized Medicine…  I don’t know. 

We’ll see by Monday what the Media can do with this during the weekend spin cycle.  Seems to me that this would have been better for TheOne™ if it hit on Monday and the weekday spinners would have had 5 days to drill into us how much better we are with The Messiah at the tiller? 

Should be interesting.  If you find the State Run Media’s sycophantic love affair with TheOne™ more interesting than nauseating?


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