ig-Nobel Prize Fallout For TheOne™.

And this is why I love Texas.  Do you think the RNC would have the stones to send this out?

Email from the Republican Party of Texas:

President Barack Obama has won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize for, in the words of the Nobel Commitee, intending to promote nuclear disarmament and world peace. In announcing the award, the Committee acknowledged that he hasn’t actually achieved anything on either of these subjects. Or much of anything else.

The Nobel Committee gave the president its most prestigious award for what he wants to do, not what he’s done. That made us wonder, what other prestigious award will the president win next? Surely the Nobel is only the first of many accolades.

He loves NCAA basketall. Perhaps he’ll be awarded a national championship. Or maybe the NBA will name him this year’s MVP.  He drives a car.  Perhaps Motor Trend will name him Car of the Year.

He has actually written two books. Perhaps a Pulizter, or a Nobel for literature, will come his way.

The president is known to like pie. Perhaps he’ll win a blue ribbon at the Illinois State Fair.

He did host the “beer summit.” Perhaps he’ll be named a Real Man of Genius.

Surely a Cy Young, a Heisman, a Vince Lombardi trophy, and the America’s Cup will take their places on the president’s mantle soon. And his Tour de France shirt and US Open blazer must be in the mail by now.

He could be awarded the NASCAR Sprint Cup, because no one turns left like President Obama.

While the president awaits his next earth-shattering award, the Republican Party of Texas is working hard every day to actually do things. Real things, in the real world, to help real families like yours. We work to cut your taxes. We work to balance the state budget. We work to keep Texas strong, free and prosperous by fighting against the Democrats’ insatiable appetite to take more control over your life, raise your taxes, and enact policies that will destroy our economy and cost jobs.

We’re not going to be awarded the million-dollar Nobel Peace Prize for that.

While the DNC sorts out how to deal with the Nobel Commitee’s 2012 campaign contribution to the president’s re-election effort, we could use your help.  A donation today will help us fight for you here in Texas, and it will also send the message that no matter what the European left elites think, we want President Obama and the Democrats to keep their hands off Texas.

Reportedly the president will personally receive a cash award of over $1.4 million for winning the Nobel.  Could you spare one one-thousandth of that – $14.00 – to help us and send the world a message at the same time?


HEH!  My snark runneth over!


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