Thank You China

So in looking for toy guns to populate the holsters of our BSG inspired BDU’s* (And yes, I’m cool with patterning** a man’s costume off a female SciFi character.  Hell, she could kick my ass so I’m all over it!)…

Anyway… In looking for toy guns, since the great state of Texas doesn’t feel obliged to allow us to openly tote and because after about an hour at the party I probably wouldn’t be legal toting anywhere but perhaps a war zone, I went to just about every place I could to find to seek out cheap realistic guns.  Not crappy orange glandular space gun looking nerf chuckers.  You know what I found?  Nothing.  NOTHING!  Not even the once ubiquitous snubby that uses the ring caps.  You know that one that your mom wouldn’t get you when you were a kid that is probably responsible for your obsession with guns now???

Anyway… So I find nothing at any of the big box or little box retailers.  Nothing.  In a last-ditch effort to prevent me spending $$$ on talking myself into an Airsoft replica that I can use to get more “trigger time” in practice, I go to several dollar stores.  I find little until I end up at a mega non franchise dollar store.  And there they are.  The snubby and other friends of the ring cap persuasion.  And what’s best is that they only have that stupid red tip that a bit of  paint will take care of. 

So thank you China for you cheap knock offs that will keep our children playing with “war toys” until the Politbureau’s Safety Nazis get arround to seeing the horror of these real looking guns.  Since I bet none of them would be caught dead in a dollar store so far away from the comforts of their elitist strongholds, it may be some time before these fun toys are sent back across the Pacific.

*BTW, the fake tat for the Mrs. who is going as Starbuck is looking HOT!
** And YES, I know how to sew!  A man should know how to sew, clean, do laundry, cook, appreciate a good knuckle ball, pick a good knife, select a proper camp site, start a fire, and end a fight.  I see nothing incongruous in these things. 

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