To The Victor Goes the Spoils And Poop Rolls Down Hill.

That’s pretty much how most Presidents treat their political appointments.  They are the spoils of war and are passed downhill to willing toadies and supporters as thanks for a job well down or not publishing photos or making sure certain ballots end up in a lake while others end up delivered on time with no overt evidence of tampering. 

It’s an age old tradition dating back to kings, shaws, and emperors when making your favorite cousin Earl of Conqueredlandsingdale or giving your best mistress a “get out of the gallows free” card was expected.  And you know… I’m somewhat ok with that.  Keeping your appointments of unqualified toadies to unremarkable and unimportant posts has long been one of the attributes that has separated the good kings/leaders/elected officials from the bad.  Making a political flunky ambassador (in name only) to Waythehelloverthereistan or Outer Bumfudgeolia where they can do little damage to anything other that willing lads’/ladies’ virtues or bar tabs is, sadly, the only way to motivate some people. 

However, when you start doling out posts of high order positions to UNQUALIFIED cronies, you cross the line into BAD KING land.  When they are interior posts, you run the risk of ruining the internal workings of the country (Czars anyone?).  When they are exterior posts, such as diplomatic posts, you guarantee that the country will be looked at as weak and foolish.  And while both can be salvaged by later administrations, the chaos caused by foolish interior appointments pales in comparison to the damage done by foolish exterior ones. 

The foolish interior ministers lead to hunger, lost jobs, and economic disaster while the foolish exterior ones lead to death.  Deaths of allies.  Deaths of innocent people.  Deaths of Servicemen and Servicewomen.  …All thrown into a meat grinder when the US looks weak and indecisive.  When we come off as buffoons abroad, tyrants move their pieces on the board with much bolder ease.  When we show stupidity at every turn, no matter how well intentioned it is, we WILL put more lives at risk by encouraging evil with our weakness. 

With that prologue, we now move to this.   When your Secretary of State starts putting on her rendition of “The View” for foreign consumption, what message does that send to tyrants about the will of the United States? 

The foolish exterior ministers who give the tacit green light for despots and potentates to start acting like, well, despots and potentates never have to face the grim reality of the blood they’ve allowed to be spilled.  Not in this life anyway.  Sadly, that spit storm rolls right on downhill to the little people while the idiot policy makers sip cocktails in high rise hotels and plot their next photo op.


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