My .02 On Fort Hood.

Being away on vacation (which meant not turning on my computer for one darn thing), I never got to comment on the Fort Hood debacle.  Seems to me that our esteemed military high command and their civilian leadership should be frog marched out into Lincoln Memorial side of the reflecting pool, bound hand and foot, and told, “If you can make it to the Washington Monument side, we’ll allow you to resign.”  Oh… forgot one little detail… After they get about a quarter of the way up the pool, have a twin .50 on the steps of the Memorial begin raking the area behind them not so slowly, advancing the elevation after each pass. 

Once again our service men and women are put in harms way by bureaucratic idiots who can’t understand when you make a hard target squishy, the soft targets inside will be exploited.  Not might be… WILL BE!  

How may Police and Sheriff’s offices make their officers, detectives, and deputies unstrap when they get inside.  Maybe, they should use the military logic and just pretend there is a giant bubble over their station house that protects them from everything ‘cause it wouldn’t be right for someone to attack. 

The last time I checked, and I could be wrong on this, a soldier is a target 24/7-365.  They get no days off.  No time when they are not in the cross hairs.  Why our bases are treated like teen summer camps by the leadership is beyond me.  Every damn officer should have a sidearm. ALWAYS!  E-6 and above should rotate in and out of carry duty.  I can see why you don’t want E-1 through 4’s to carry daily.  But for God’s sake, in this age of internal Jihadists why the hell would you not have a much greater armed presence on base. 

Hell, you don’t want anyone below butter bar to carry?  Fine.  Put fudge ton of patrols INSIDE the base that can respond in a moment’s notice. 

It’s really stupid to think that a random shopping mall in Texas has more available arms per capita than a military base.


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