Ok…  I’m confused.  Not being a media whore and not really caring what happens to Celebrities, I often don’t get “important news events of the day” such as who’s having who’s baby out of wedlock or what performer/talking-head/singer is in rehab.  I frequently find myself looking like that frat boy who was just informed that, “women have feelings too and may not WANT to be taken adavantage of while drunk,” and has set his face like the RCA Victor Dog caught in an infinite loop of, “Does not compute!!1!!!eleventy!”

So it’s no surprise that I’m gob-smacked by the news that an EMPLOYEE has the gall to tell his EMPLOYER, “NO! I will NOT do what you tell me to do.”  I just don’t get it.  I’m also flummoxed by ALL THE OTHER EMPOLYEES who are behind him

Earth to YOU PAMPERED MORONS!  We live in the REAL WORLD that is governed by the golden rule.  “He who has the gold…”  You dance to the tune of he what pays the band.  DEAL WITH IT!  If you don’t like it, QUIT!  No veiled threats.  No, “My hope is that NBC and I can resolve this quickly…” You leave. Period.  And you don’t go on national TeeVee to bleat like a neutered goat whinging about how your gobs of cash and fame can’t stave off reality and change.

All you unfunny bozos (with the 60% exception of Ferguson whom I do find 60% entertaining) need to thank your lucky stars that some people (in NY and LA) find you funny enough to keep you on the air at all.  You’ve all long passed your usefulness and are destined for some future econ-o car’s gas tank.  Please go quietly to the tar pits and decompose like good little pimples on history’s backside.

And to all you who have the “Thus it has been! Thus is must be so!” attitude about this, deal with life.  Things change.  Favorite restaurants close.  People leave.  Ruger builds and AR and polymer guns.  Democracy is trampled in the stampede for “free” goodies from Uncle Sugar.  In short, nothing is ever meant last.  There was no Thousand Year Reich for Hitler who had tanks and planes and guns… There will be no Thousand Year Reich for The Tonight Show, Herr O’Brien.  But it does suck to be the one at the bottom when the pyramid falls. 

If NBC gives in to this mugging no talent Carson wannabe, then it deserve every bill it will be unable to pay. 

Now if that bloated giant of a network would have the stones to go after its Network News Division…  Oh that would be truly delicious.


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