Rule No. 1: Treat The Enemy Like An Enemy

Ok… I’m not a “Down with the pigs” type.  I support the police and could never do the job they do.  But folks, we all have roles to play.  You may be best of buds with your boss, but when it comes to asking for a raise, you and he are enemies.  I’m not talk Jihadist mentality here.  Just the reality that you and he are at crossed purposes at this moment.

When a cop is talking to you in his role as an Officer of the Peace, he is NOT, repeat NOT, your friend.  He may be the nicest guy in the whole world.  But he is not on your side at that moment.  Approach any encounter with “The Law” with the attitude that he is trying to put you in cuffs.  He’s not a dick, it’s just his job. 

Now, conversely, don’t be a douche-bag.  Give him the facts he needs to know.  Give him the respect he deserves as a person of authority and responsibility.  But don’t consent to anything you don’t have to and make your declines as courteous as possible. 

And DO NOT offer any info you do not need to offer.  NOTHING!  I don’t care if you are in fear for your life.  I don’t care if the officer is threatening to beat your brains in.  Say nothing.  You have rights.  And one of the rights you have is that THEY have to PROVE you did something suspicious in order to act. 

This goes double when you are behind the Apple Curtain. When you are hamstrung by stupid laws that keep you from being able to protect yourself and loved-ones, you enter into any confrontation with the police as one where your very life and livelihood is threatened. 

I’m sure this cop wasn’t being a dick.  He’s just doing his job.  And his job demands he enforce laws that people are forced to break because they have no other choice.  Instead of Mr. Baez being able to walk into a gun store and secure an inexpensive gun to protect his family, he had to go to the streets.  And now, on top of all the other strikes against him, including the police telling him to RUN(!), he’s now a convicted felon with all the trappings and, “Sorry, not hiring,” that goes with it.

H/T to Tam.


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