An Open Letter To Conservative Donks And Hephalumps.

Senator Brown’s victory behind enemy lines in Massachusetts WAS NOT a referendum on Republican vs. Democrat Politics.   It was a clear statement that, even in the most Blue of all states, people really don’t want .gov so involved in their lives that they have to render EVERYTHING to Caesar.  They want, essentially, to be left alone. 

This vote was not for a Republican.  It was against Barrack Obama and the orgy of spending put forth by his administration and rubber stamped by the Democrat Leadership.  If Your RINOs in charge of the party misread this as a sea change for their brand of “Big Government only less so”, in 4 years you will be exactly back where you are now.  On the ropes hoping for the bell.

The first party to fix the sails to use this wind will be in power for a long time.  This vote is really the tip off (face off? – insert your own sports/military analogy here) in what will prove to be a very interesting time.  You see it will be very hard for either of your parties to truly embrace this ground swell of frustration. 

Republicans, you know that RINOs control the Republican Party.  Period.  The Blue Blood Aristos of the party see it as “Their Burden” to shepherd we common folk into a grand future.  With them at the top, of course. 

You Dems are so beholden to lunatic leftists special interests that it would literally be the death knell for your party, as it currently stands, to divorce yourself from those interests.  To do so would mean, quite bluntly, starting over from square one.

But honestly, if I could make a prediction, I will place money on you Conservative Democrats.  I know… I know.   Look at it this way.  You Democrats, as left leaning as you are, are interested in achieving and maintaining power at the national level.  The Republican Party has always been too content to be in charge of itself. 

If you take the two mentalities I know which one I bet on.  A Warlike. “winner take all,” mentality that has to destroy itself to win in the long run, vs. a lukewarm, “this is far enough,” attitude that only has to oust its leadership to secure victory.   Where do you stack your chips?  I go with the blood thirsty ones.

Now I hedge this with the fact that NO conservative has risen to any power in the Republican Party of late.  If, and that’s a mighty big if, if a true leader could harness this energy at the grass roots level, he or she could wash aside the RINO leadership.  Unlike Reagan in the 80’s, there are no Blue Blood (or very few) Congressmen left in their seats with and “R” on their backs.  The RINO hold on the party is purely in its leadership, not its base like the early 80’s. 

I know… McCain and Graham and their bunch.  The thing about them is that aside from McCain, they are all interested in keeping their seat first and foremost.  It’s not about ideology.  Meaning… they will shut up if a true power makes them (read: gives them goodies).  Other than McCain, there are no real RINOs that are RINO to the core to the point where they will not vote the way a strong conservative tells them to IF that conservative is holding 55% to 60% of their states votes in his or her back pocket.   

So there is hope for an immediate change in Washington.  But if you Conservative Hephalumps flub this; you Conservative Donks have some dead air during a useless RINO presidency to get your house in order. 

By the way; all you “Conservative” Dems in the House…  Now would be a good time to NOT vote for stupid things so you can prove that you should still be in DC when the dust settles and SanFranNan is sent back to the lower benches in 2010.  You get power by survival… and now is the time to survive.


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