Bigger Than Brown. High Court Says Political Speech Is Protected.

In another squeaker, SCOTUS has upheld The First Amendment.  Think about these implications for a second.  Now, a candidate can tell his party to go fly a kite when it comes to politically damaging votes.  In days past, party leaders (say SanFranNan) could tell its potential defectors (Blue Dog Dems) to vote a certain way or, “No soup for you!”

Now, with this ruling, a candidate can look for alternative funding close to home (or across the nation) and have the ability to fill his or her war chest and tell his leadership to shove it.  He or she may not get that choice committee seat, but hey, if enough of his or her fellow would-be defectors stand their ground, they may be the ones in power as their leadership slips into the realm of the inconsequential. 

This, on the heels of Senator Brown’s 41st vote, could give the Blue Dogs cover to tell Nancy and Harry to go find a nice suspended rope, get a large glass of their favorite beverage, and wait for nature’s call.

Of course, this is a Goose-Gander issue.  In the not so distant future, RINOs will be entreating their conservative cousins to, “put ideology aside for a minute.”  Those Congressmen can then tell the party leadership to take a stab at some violent self fornication. 

Obama pledges, of course, to do all he can to keep The Constitution gutted.  Keep talking Barry.  You’re doin’ just fine. 

Politically, it’s been a good week.


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