Don’t Secure The Cannons Just Yet.

Tam has some valid points about Senator Brown.  Let me put it into military terms. This was NOT Nagasaki or Hiroshima.  This wasn’t The Great Marianas Turkey Shoot.  This wasn’t even Midway.  But this MAY have been the Battle of the Coral Sea; a tactical draw at best, but a strategic victory.  You have to stop the enemy before you can put them on their heels.

Maybe November 2K10 will be Midway.  And remember, even after the US had gained almost total control of air and sea, the Japanese could have totally derailed US plans by the very nearly successful sortie of Admiral Kurita through the San Bernardino strait.  A few blunders here… Some hubris there… And someone in 2013 could easily be asking, “Where are the Republicans?  The world wonders.”   And this time it WON’T be a radioman’s hiccup that adds the last sentence.

So take Senator Brown’s win for what it is;  a hard-fought strategic victory (that is all due to Brown and his campaign, with help form an unorganized enemy drunk on its own successes) that can be built upon or squandered.

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