Fun Show Report

Dear Fellow Gun Show Patrons,

I Really don’t care about scruffy looking chairborn rangers. I don’t care about camouflage as a fashion statement. I don’t care about SASS fancy dress. I don’t care about $900 Italian loafers and pressed shirts. I don’t care about Middle Eastern religious/cultural dress. I DO CARE about you taking a freaking bath!

Lest you think that was directed at those of scruffy or ferrin’ leanings. Think again. That was directed at the upper crusty ones here. Just goes to show that dollars can’t by good sense.

On a happy note. An LCR is following my wife and I home. This will fill the snubby hole, the laser sight hole for dry fire training, and the light caliber jacket pocket gun hole. Paid cash. Hope we have enough left for jerky and nuts.

Re-upped my TSRA membership to avoid the lines.

Ammo much more plentiful this time. Found my cor-boom 9mm 115s. Still no Silvertips in 380. 😦

The crowd was pretty large and diverse. Very interesting to see the an Arab woman in full kit shepherding her brood right next to the young man wearing the “infidel” T-shirt.

Same spread of prices from, “What planet are you from,” to, “That’s about spot on.” Our LCR was right about what I expected to pay. The joker near the door that wanted $620 + tax was dreaming.

The Mrs., Queen Ammodalah, is currently in the “Garage Sale” section finding books and what not. I have sequestered myself in the back to not spend any more money.

‘Bout ready to head home and see if anyone wants to have some beers and play darts. All in all, a good show.

Oh, if you do come, pay Michelle, at “Gun Store” over between D9 and D10, a visit. Nice people and good prices.



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