State Of The Union Address. OR… The Titanic Deck Chair Tango.

TheOne™ will give the most important speech of his campaign his term this week since the last time he tanked the markets since the Emperor got his new duds vetted in Massachusetts.  I have a few predictions. 

First, he will continue to proclaim that he, and he alone, can fix the world.

Second, he will NOT reference the fact that he could not get his 10 Commandments through Congress even though he had Moses buying drinks.

Third, he will insist that the stimulus is working despite the fact it isn’t.

Forth, because the stimulus hasn’t worked he will insist that we will need more stimulus.

Fifth, he will try to get back his base by pandering to special interests.

Sixth, he will promise that he will pass ObamaCare™.

Seventh, he will promise that he will pass (Knee)Cap and Trade.

Eighth, he will try to get the voters back by promising all manner of goodies and giveaways.

Ninth, there will be awkward polite applause at all the right places.

Tenth, no MSM talking head will call him on his lies.

Eleventh, MSM sources will release polls that show he has a spike in popularity after the speech even though the numbers have to be fabricated from whole cloth.

Twelfth, the Markets will tank (again) by Friday when everyone has had a chance to digest his words and do a damage assessment.

So basically, it will be heaping helping of SSDD with a side of pomp and circumstance.  The bloom is off the rose.  The only question now is how long the MSM and the Democrat Party are willing to pretend nothing is wrong and keep it in the vase.


1 Response to “State Of The Union Address. OR… The Titanic Deck Chair Tango.”

  1. 1 SOTU, Obama… A Lie By Any Other Name… « Dante's Inferno and Firing Range Trackback on January 29, 2010 at 9:36 am

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