Patrick Hughes; Trying To Bag A RINO.

I know I’m in Texas, but since the biggest mistake in US history, the Senate races are ostensibly national matters.  If you are in Illinois, you may wish to give a hand to Parick Hughes. He is up against the RINO establishment in Illinois trying to free another Senate seat from a liberal. 

In order to take back the country, we are going to have to take back one of the parties.  Right now, the best bet is the Republican party.  And to do that, RINOs like Kirk will have to be booted from office by relative unknowns like Hughes.  And the RINO is being given cover by the entrenched MSM.  They know what a victory for a Conservative in the primary would mean.  So they’ve circled the wagons around McCain Kirk to make sure that doesn’t happen.

If you have friends in IL, give them a touch, text, or tweet and try to get out the vote on Feb, 2nd.   If Hughes can beat Kirk, it might be a bigger victory than Scott Brown’s.


2 Responses to “Patrick Hughes; Trying To Bag A RINO.”

  1. 1 steve January 28, 2010 at 11:21 am

    I think you’re right. We have alot of folks that want to promote a 3rd party, but I doubt they understand that it’s money that prevails in most elections, regardless of the message content. One could have a great message of hope for regular Americans, but without the $ that message won’t be heard. If the Republican party would use the Scott Brown victory in Massachusetts to define a truely conservative agenda for America, then we have the opportunity to ‘take back’ the U.S. I also live in Texas and have some blogger friends in Chicago, and they’re on board to get the weasels out of office.

    • 2 dantesfiringrange January 28, 2010 at 5:21 pm

      My condolences to those in Chi-Town. Great city. Great People. But under the thumb of some of the most corrupt politicians since The Doges ruled Venice.

      Sadly, a third party will do what it always does. Waste the efforts of those who want change. That’s why the two main parties love them. A third party seems like a short cut to fixing everything, but unless you control one of the two main parties, you can’t get anything done. That is partly by founding design and partly by current rules that make it impossible to do just about anything without one of them.

      People have to think of this as “Island Hopping” as the US did in the Pacific Theater in WWII. You have to win the local elections first, then state. Then you can take the Party and direct National Policy not matter who is in the White House. It takes time. A LONG TIME. But it can be done. It just takes more time and attention than most people can spare in their daily lives so they want a 3rd party quick fix.

      If you try to win all the marbles in one megatastic maneuver, you are doomed to failure.

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