SOTU, Obama… A Lie By Any Other Name…

Wow…  I was right on 10 of my 12 points (I may have missed Cap and Trade while yelling at the TV or going for the Bromo).   We’ll see about #12 (Market tank) tomorrow.  But I never thought that even Barry would sink so low as to conduct an attack on a separate branch of government.  You megalomaniacal twerp.  You are the President of the United States.  You are peered with The SCOTUS and the Congress, you can’t, for the love of God, descend into childish attacks of a peered branch of government!  Talk about the job being above his pay grade. 

You see Barry, I can verbally attack you, Congress, and The SCOTUS.  That is my right as a US citizen.  But when you are coronated assume The Office of POTUS, you have to start acting like an adult who knows the difference between a private citizen’s opinions and The Head of the Executive Branch’s Policy Statements.  You have to be Presidential.  You have to realize that EVERYTHING YOU SAY is a matter of policy and will be disected as such. You can’t throw out hate and anger as part of an OFFICIAL DUTY OF YOUR OFFICE!  And certainly it doesn’t help you that your focus of hate and anger is that SCOTUS upheld the 1st Amendment.  Alito, so shocked by this, incredulously responded TO THE LIE about foriegn corporations durring the speech by mouthing, “Not true!” 

Barry, the reason you DON’T call out a co-equal branch of government in a childish attack  is simple.  I mean, beside the fact that it makes you look like a tool who can’t handle his office. They have LOOOOOONG memories.  Kennedy wrote the opinion that you detest.  Anthony “do you love me” Kennedy.  Your swing vote.  You just pissed off your swing vote.  You dolt! You may be used to using rabble rousing techniques to push a frenzy over people as a “Commie Community Organizer” to do your bidding, causing holy hell with particular constituents who then hammer phone banks; but you HAVE to gain cooperation from peers.  The SCOTUS doesn’t have a phone bank.  The SCOTUS doesn’t work that way.  DUMB BARRY!  Really dumb.

The next part of the speech that should cause everyone much dyspepsia was the insistence that HE is going to get HIS way with HIS agenda no matter what the people want.  Meaning he is King and we, the peasants, don’t get a vote.  Good luck with that Barry.  You may not have to worry about a vote since it seems you’ve given up all hope of a second term.  But others in the House and Senate DO have to face the people in less than a year.  I don’t see the majority of them having such a, “Let them eat cake,” attitude toward those who keep them in their seats.  None of them want to go home or become a back bencher. 

I guess the silver lining is that maybe in 2012, people will look for true substance over “Rock Star” having learned a hard lesson.  Of course, Republicans have to give them a real option.  Not too likely while the RINOs control the party.

EDIT:   I guess we didn’t have to wait until Friday for the fallout.   Sometimes it sucks to be right.


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