The “i”…”PAD?” Steve, You’re Gonna Run With That?

NJT has the best analysis of the iPad *giggle*. 

Really, Steve, could no one in marketing come up with the visual of earphone cords descending from the “iPad” *giggle* area in a not so flattering way.  Not one person could see the iconic sillohetted iTunes™ image with a white set of wires “protruding” from a sensitive place to connect in the 2D image’s ears.  For Realz?

When I saw the first picture of Steve-o proudly displaying his iPhone with a glandular disorder, I honestly though it was a photochop. It looked like a gag gift monster remote you find marketed toward old people. 

I want a computer to be my computer and I want my PDA to be my PDA.  If you have to What-a-size my PDA to make it more powerful, I’ll pass.  When you can shrink-a-fy my computer to the size of my PDA with no loss in power, then maybe we will talk.

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