Bad Weekend For The Savings Account.

I just had the most expensive get-together with my fiends I’ve ever had.  Friday night I spent some time at a friend’s where we played some trivia games.  T’was a fun time had on a cold night.  As I pulled out of their apartment complex, the tire pressure warning went nutters and I pull off the road into a parking lot.  Sure enough, the right front tire was flatter than a non-teleprompter Obama rant. In the cold, with the sub par jack that comes with the Mazda 3, I change the tire. 

There was some drama with some rather suspicious folks asking me and The Mrs. if we “needed a ride.”  Hand on my concealed gun, I replied, “No thanks.”  A little more drama when the piss poor jack slipped out of the hard point and started to list about 30 degrees.  All was over come, the tire was replaced with the “doughnut”, and the offending tire was wedged into its carry hole. 

Later that night (morning) as I was winding down from the fun and warming up from the cold, I realized I didn’t take my damn phone off my belt.  The Treo’s touch screen was shattered and the only reason I didn’t lose it all together was the screen protector held the shards in place.  So scratch one smart phone which will have to be replaced to the tune of between $300 and $450 depending upon what I want to upgrade to.  Since there’s nothing I really like out there, I’m not sure what to do about it. 

The next day, I take the tire to be fixed.  As the tire-guy and I pull the tire from the back of the holding well, we both say, “Shit!”  The wheel was bent to the tune of about a centimeter.  And then it hits me.  The FIRST parking space we tried had a DEEEEEP pot hold that was concealed by shadow and water.  I guess I hit it at just the right place for it to bend the inside of the wheel.  It didn’t shake the tire loose until I got up to speed on the road after leaving. *sigh-and-migraine-salute* $340’s later an OEM wheel is ordered and should be in today.  If the tire is ok, that should be it. If not, 2 new tires will also be part of the damage. 

You know… I’m not sure if I like my friends this much.

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