Is It Time To Hit The Reset Switch?

If this is true, and I do belive it is, then what is the next step?

I mean, when my PC locks up, I reboot it.  When my phone locks up, I cycle it.  When a dog get’s out of hand in some cultures, it becomes lunch.  When you car just won’t go anymore, you have to junk it and get another one.  At what point do you just say, “Enough is enough,” and ride everyone out on a rail.  And how do you do accomplish it?  

I’m not beating my chest in some, “OH COOL, WE MIGHT GET TO INVOKE THE SECOND AMENDMENT. YEHAW!” Kinda way.  I’m asking a very serious question.  WTF is next?  If you have 4/5 of the people in the country convinced that .gov is not their .gov, then you have a situation that could devolve very quickly into chaos and violence. 

This bad folks.  Very bad.   Honestly, the scares me more than ANY economic doomsday forecast.  When a people truly believe that they are being ignored, there are not many options left to them but lashing out.  Some will lash out in the proper venues at the correct people.   But others will just lash out in an unorganized fashion, giving excuses for .gov to become more oppressive. 

This is a very delicate time we live in.  The weight of oppression and governmental interference has advanced so far down the slop as to be almost impossible to push it back up the hill.  Yet it is held in place by the smallest of threads that could break at any moment.  And when that happens…  If that happens… there will be some dark days ahead my friends. 

Let’s put it this way.  Worst case, if you are thinking of “investing in gold” to hedge against societal woes, you may want to switch that investment to some brass, copper, metal, wood, and polymer.    Will it come to that?  Well… it’s about as likely as you making money playing the gold market.  Which is not quite like mining for unicorn farts, but certainly only a tiny bit less likely than going 5 years without even a fender bender.   So it’s not a dead cert to happen  by any means.  But give Murphy and inch and you’ll end up with a mile up your backside.  We should consider ourselves warned.


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