Pull This One, It Plays “Jingle Bells!”

I haven’t found a credible web link yet, but honestly, with Barry making “Ground Breaking Earth Shattering Never Before Heard Astonishing Super Omniscient” statements every, what, 5 minutes, it’s hard to keep that news fresh on your website.

Anywhoo… I’m flipping channels in an attempt to… Well… avoid work.  When what do I see but another Obama press conference. (BTW:  do they have to rotate Teleprompters and mics?  What is the Mileage (verbiage?)  Before Refit on those things?) 

Again… Anywhoo… I see the crawl about his Superfantabulous reason for hogging center stage again.  It seems Barry abused his Executive Authority again (but hell, Bushy and Billy did it too.  So nu?) and took part of his soul to form an “Independent Bi-partisan” committee to study the debt and the budget.  Headed by ERSKINE BOWLES, former Clinton Chief of Staff and Crony!   

Yep… They don’t come anymore Bi-Partisan than Erskine. (Ouch!  I think I bit my tongue, it was so far in my cheek).

Let me fill you in on the First Commandment of being a Liar Lawyer.  NEVER ASK A QUESTION YOU DON’T ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWER TO.  Barry is going to construct a panel that will give him political cover for expanding government.  It will give him big government answers to big government caused problems. 

And even if it was Bi-Partisan, it would still be POLITICALLY Minded.  You want me to respect this Saintly Panel?  Randomly pick successful large and small business leaders and put them on the panel.  Then you might have something. 

Oh, and who’s the “Bi-Partisan” Republican head of the committee?  Alan Simpson.  Now where do I remember than name from?  Hmmm… Mazola?  Marzipan?  OH RIGHT!!!! Simpson-Mazzoli!  The Shamnesty Bill.  Yep. There’s a real Conservative on the panel. 

I can only hope the Conservatives and Republicans can ignore this feint and keep together.  This is just designed to strip off one or two R’s that can’t stand the heat and get them to have a crisis of character.  It could work.  There’s not a fudge ton of character left amongst the Peachy-Dreams* of the GOP. 

As an aside, if you want to know why the GOP is in the mess it’s in, you only need to know that a Big Government, Constitution ignoring, statist like Simpson held the Senate Whip position.  Pretty typical of the RINO leadership that is still the party’s boat anchor today.

*that’s a play on pachyderms if you didn’t get it.

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