“…and that government of the people…

…by the people for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

Sorry Abe, with Obama, it just did.  All pretense that Washington D.C. has any interest in doing the will of the people is over.  Votes seem to mean nothing.  Outrage means nothing.  The Communist take over of this nation is fully realized and the heart of this once great country has been torn out. 

The next moves are up to the American People.  Roll over and take it, or… well… I guess I can’t say that can I?  I guess that would be politically incorrect? 

Make a decision and make it fast.  Once this is law, we are done.  There is no repealing it.  There is no getting rid of it. If you can’t convince The House NOT to vote for the Senate Bill (vanishing to unlikely) then we are left only with…  again, not a politically correct thing to say.

I’m sick.  I’m beyond sick. 

What do you tell your kids about the day you saw your country die?


2 Responses to ““…and that government of the people…”

  1. 1 cgrable0875 March 3, 2010 at 3:09 pm

    My friend I agree with your outrage, however this law can be repealed. Remember we only pay upfront the organization doesnt happen for several years.

    • 2 dantesfiringrange March 4, 2010 at 10:00 am

      In theory. But I’ve never seen an entitlement done away with. And it will require the American People to be angry enough to care until 2012. The daily does of bread and circuses generally gives the populous a new shiny to chase after. Who will care about repealing healthcare after another couple of seasons of American Idle and Duncing with the Stars.

      And that assumes the RINO’s in change of the Republican party will even do more than play lip service to repealing it. When they are in control of all that power and wealth, it may not look so bad to them.

      I have very little hope. Still some. But very little.

      You do bring up the ONLY Achilles Heel of the whole monster. To make TheOne’s™ lie about saving a trillion dollars, he’s front loaded the taxes and back loaded the victims. So at least the media wont be able to trot out poor mothers who had their little babies saved from the clutches of life threatening toenail fungus because of The Messiah’s Nationalized Healing Law.

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