What Is Voluntary…

…About surrendering to Jackbooted Thugs pointing guns at you?

“Oh I didn’t rape her, she voluntarily surrendered her sexuality to me when I pointed a gun at her.” 

“Oh I didn’t rob him, he voluntarily gave me his wallet when I pointed a gun at him.”

But when you are with the government (notice they were acting at the behest of a government agency as well), you can point your gun, metaphorical or literal, at a person and when they have to cave, it’s voluntary. 

If someone was flagged as “disgruntled” and they were of, say, Middle Eastern descent, I wonder if .gov’s brute squad would have been called out?  I bet not.  Fear of the ACLU and any other media whore outlets would have stopped that dead in it tracks.  And rightly so.  We have these pesky little things call CIVIL RIGHTS, and one of which is, “innocent until proven guilty.” 

You should have to PROVE TO SOMEONE OF AUTHORITY, not just the hunch of a SWAT team captain who desperately wants to use his toys, that a person is a real danger to the community.  A person who calmly walks out of their own house, unarmed, hardly seems like the person you perp walk downtown.  But then again, why go after the real criminals when you can get a photo op with little resistance.

So just s0 we are all clear on this “probable cause” thing.  An Army Officer who becomes a Muslim and inquires about joining Al-Qaeda, we can’t touch.  But a low level government worker with no criminal history who gets fired and has guns… Drag them downtown, run them through an ink blot test, violate their rights with an illegal search and seizure, and confiscate Constitutionally protected possessions.  Everyone clear?  Good.

In case you are keeping score, if you own guns, you are obviously dangerous and in need of psychiatric review.  Given today’s government hostility toward all things Constitutional and traditional, I wonder how many of them would want us to walk around with little “gun busters” signs on our chest.

I don’t want to seem like I’m overreacting.  But if .gov, at any level, is allowed to haul you in and put you under the watchful eye of Thorazine wielding doctors for the Constitutionally protected act of buying a firearm, then what happens when I exercise my right to free speech and the speech happens to be very anti government. 

Let me up the ante. What happens when those same doctors become nationalized and have to do what the .gov wants?  They’ll just be Lithium pumps for any patient deemed “a threat” but .gov. 

And people wonder why I have a bad feeling about the next couple of decades.

Thanks to: NJT


1 Response to “What Is Voluntary…”

  1. 1 patronator March 18, 2010 at 10:36 am

    nice post. keep fighting the good fight.

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