No More Moderates

If one thing has become painfully clear to anyone watching this Healthcare Sausage Making Demonstration, it is the acute fact that the myth of the Moderate is dead.  If you encounter a RINO or Blue Dog in your life, point out to them quite plainly and in as much politeness are you can muster that there are either FOR the destruction of the country or AGAINST it.  There is no more cover for them to hide behind. 

If you are Conservative, be very proud of that fact and stick in everyone’s face.  Don’t let them get away with talking about moderation and crossing the aisle and compassion.  It’s a very simple thing.  If you can’t say that with 100% of your being that you despise the direction of the country, you are the enemy and must be destroyed.  No equivocation.  No convoluted nuances.  You are either with us or against us and if you are against us, you must be destroyed. 

I was sick to death of “Moderates” cooing about how they were going to rise above politics and elect Obama.  I was sick to death of having them say “Oh he won’t do that,” or “the Constitution won’t let him,” or, “He’s not a king, he wouldn’t dare.”  I was equally sick of them whinging after the election about “I never thought he would do this.”  You bunch of stupid imbeciles. 

Moderates like the Bushs led to socialists like Clinton and now Obama.  They led to the destruction of this nation.  They can not be allowed to exist in either party.  The minute some Republican starts talking about anything other than repealing this legislation, lowering taxes, and cutting spending, they should be shown the door, forcefully if necessary.  That means taking out the party elite as well.  McCain, Grahamnesty, and the like must be beheaded.  If only just politically.

If a Democrat tries to convince you they are “independent minded” and “Moderate”, they should get the same treatment.  There is no room for moderation in the Democrat party as this past weekend and criminals like the “Moderate” Stupak bunch have shown.  If you have a D after your name, you will eventually be forced to do the bidding of Nancy, Harry, and Obama if you want to keep your seat.  If they tell you they are capable of being Conservative or Moderate and they have a D after their name, they are lying and they used to shoot liars on the field of honor.  A practice I think should definitely be reexamined and possibly brought back.  …At least for politicians.

I will only brook quarter for one group that is not truly Conservative.  That is the Libertarians.  I get your stance.  I don’t agree with it. I can’t.  But I think, at least in this case, we can agree that we can quibble about the social concerns you have about Conservatism after Socialism has been defeated.  Besides, your beef with Conservatism, for the most part, is at the State level.  The US Constitution, when followed, gives little more power to the federal government than Libertarians ideals would dictate.   Gay marriage and all the other social issues with the possible exception of abortion (unless you agree with Justice Scalia, which I’m tempted to), are not FEDERAL ISSUES.  So for this fight, we have to bury the hatchet.   We can get back to killing each other at the State level when this job is done.

I type this knowing full well many things.  1) The media will continue to fawn over RINOs and Blue Dogs as “open minded” and “above it all”.  2) Libertarians will never sit happily with Conservatives and vice versa.  3) All of this is an intellectual exercise since we will have Shamnesty that will guarantee Socialist Rule over this country for the foreseeable future. 4) Finally, we probably won’t see the end of this until this country goes Tango Uniform under a mound of dept. 

It’s sad to think that even with maximum effort, the only thing that will probably work is the Balkanization of this country for there to be a place for people who want to remain free to live according to The Constitution.  And with Shamnesty giving millions claim to States that would otherwise more peacefully become independent, the blood is going to be thigh deep when it does, if it does, happen.


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