Some Of You Gun People…

…Made Me Have One More Rant!

I’ve been reading some of the gun boards and gun blogs and there seems to be a bit of a disconnect with some of my brethren and sisteren out there.  Many of you feel this is no big deal.  It’s just passing another law and it will all be ok because can’t do anything right.  And it’s no big deal because it’s the Dems and they will get voted out of office and that’s a good thing for gun owner rights.

Let me sum this up one more time for the kids in the back of the class who may have been sleeping.

Your Federal Government just passed an unconstitutional law using unconstitutional means against the will of the American People. 

This law happens to have in mind bankrupting insurance companies and bringing about an inevitable single payer system (Nationalized Healthcare).   This law will give the Federal Government unconstitutional control over your choice of healthcare and eventually over every aspect of your life.

But it wouldn’t matter if the law did give me a $2500 break on premiums and insure everyone from cradle to grave (neither of which it does.  Both complete lies told by Obama). 

It wouldn’t matter if this bill made candy canes rain from the sky and mandate that I get lucky every night by a Victoria’s Secret model. 


When the government abandons all pretense of even trying to lie to us and just rams something down our throats knowing we can’t do a damn thing about it save marching on DC and having public executions of anyone who holds office, that is a very bad thing. 

And how do you even draw a stupid conclusion that this is somehow good for gun owner rights????? When one part of The Constitution is pissed on, the whole thing is pissed on.  Isn’t that what we in the gun community have been saying for decades?  But somehow it’s ok when it’s not guns that are getting shat upon. 

And let me add one more little morsel of disquietude to this whole happy circus.  Since repealing this is well-nigh impossible, the government, knowing that riots and revolts are in the cards 10 to 15 years down the road when this can’t be paid for, will HAVE to, as a matter of self preservation, remove your rights to not only have guns but to protest about it. Your guns are not safe just because there may be (still doubtful given that illegals will be given the vote soon) a Dem blood bath in November.

Unless there is a very large miracle, we just got handed a script for how this country will end its last 20 or so years of existence.  The rule of law is over.  Congress and the President just told us they can do ANYTHING they want and are immune to us.  The stitching has been pulled out of the hem and the garment will unravel faster than a cheap Chicom Wal-mart T-shirt. 



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