Love That Sausage!

The headlines read, “GOP sends health bill back to the House.”  Lie. 

Obama already has his Socialist Healthcare reform.  The Senate bill has been passed and as IS law.  So all that the GOP did was send back some of the amendments. 

But it wasn’t the GOP that sent it back.  Biden could have overruled the Parliamentarian.  Why didn’t he?  I know the House was ready to be done with this.  Was it to make it appear that NOW they are playing fair?  Or did the Senate stab the House in the back AGAIN making them stand up for yet one more vote to put their imprimatur on Obamacare?  Or, are they all just that incompetent, like leaving the, “All children will be covered NOW,” portion out of the bill?  You know, the thing Obama has been touting that is an out and out lie. 

Perhaps it’s to give the House a chance to vote, “NO,” so they can use expert Socialist Sophistry to claim, that somehow, they heard you and tried to stop Obamacare?

Either way, Obama doesn’t care.  He has his precious unconstitutional socialist power grab so a few amendments either way don’t matter one damn bit.  Sausage making at it very finest is on display for all to see.

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