Happy Tax Day.

Enjoy this one.  Next year’s will be a lot worse. 

I wonder if we will be telling our children, “Yeah, back in ’10, we didn’t have to submit our medical records to the IRS.  But you know, son, I really wanted that second Xbox so you will just have to work that second job to pay off my interest and your unsanctioned heart surgery.  Sorry.”

I’m just this much closer to “Going Galt”.

Edited to Add: For any who creep onto this page from, oh say, a referring page that thinks that Obamacare, Taxes, and government control over our lives have nothing to do with each other and that we won’t have to worry about old Uncle Sugar probing into our private lives during tax season; could you please tell me why the IRS should be verifying that I have coverage in the first place? 

I’ve checked my copy of The Constitution (You have one. Right?) and I don’t see anywhere in there where the IRS has any right to see if I have “appropriate healthcare”.

Could you also please tell me of ANY government entitlement that has not grown?  Can you please tell me any government program that does not require increasingly more and more paperwork for verification? 

When Obamacare bankrupts insurance companies with onerous pre-existing condition requirements and they have to be bailed out, like Chrysler, Chevy, AIG (an insurance co.), and the Banks and we have a de facto single payer system, if it is, in fact, the people’s money being spent on healthcare, don’t the people have a right to know what it’s being spent on?  If you weigh 250 pounds are you entitled to the same care someone who weighs 140 at your same height?  No, you are not. You made a bad choice and you will HAVE to be penalized to bring you back into trim (sin taxes on booze and cigarettes ring a bell?).  …And since it’s all being done through the tax code to make it nice and legal(ish), guess to whom the paperwork will be submitted?   

And, just to burst any referrer’s bubbles, we will already have to submit health info soon.  I will have to submit, with my taxes, proof of my, “accepted healthcare program.”  Who pays for my healthcare is as private an issue as what healthcare I receive, because he who pays (and the aim is to make the Government pay for it all), gets to know everything about you.  Once the damn is burst…*

Ok, I’ll grant you, the full takeover is not in this bill.  But like the “sensible regulations” of the FDA; what starts out as an attempt to make some sausage taste better will be an everyday companion in your life.  Like it or not.  And if you can’t see that, well, you are not alone in history.  People of Greece, Rome, Pre WWII Germany, and England never saw it coming either.

One last thing.  If someone’s case is so weak and their desire to paint their opposition with a crazy brush so great that they have to quote a tongue-in-cheek quip that is trying to illustrate absurdity with absurdity, then they’ve really reached the bottom of their ammo bag. 

So I apologize for having to take up ever shrinking web space and increasing the march toward your monthly bandwidth limit (see, there’s that absurdity with absurdity thing again) by Turing a one paragraph frustrated tax day rant into a multi page explanation of that frustration.  But I figured since you were duped into coming to this page to see the Tattooed Two Headed Monkey Boy froth at the mouth for you carnival going enjoyment, I might as well give you something worth seeing.

* Yes, that was meant to be a play on words. 

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