Thank You Playing And Good Luck With That

Dear Gun Show Vendors,

I know the S-12 was on Sons of Guns.  I know there are all manner of rumors flying about regarding its future.  But if you think this market will bear a 40% overnight price increase, you need to go back home and study your old Micro Econ 101 books. 

Sure it’s a coolish curiosity.  Sure it’s maybe gonna get the import ax.  But paying that much for a gun that still needs another $300 to $500 bucks into it to make it really usable and to develop its full coolio persona?  Nope.  And that’s probably why you still had all 3 or 4 boxes laying on your respective tables when, by that point in any old show, you would have already sold all but one and that one would have had someone hovering over it trying to talk himself into it.

The S-12 is not an AK.  Its usage is limited and its need for reworking well-known.  It’s a fun gun to own but its practicality, unless you want to run 3 Gun, is kinda limited.  By jumping it that high, you popped it into the category of, “The money I would spend on a gun that I NEED.”  And, in this economy, not many folks have the scratch to spend that much on a toy.  Good luck, though.  I hope you find your suckers.  Cause I’d hate to think you’ll be back at next month’s show with the price back down to maybe a 10% increase.  You’d look like a fool and an opportunistic snake oil salesman who can’t read the market.   

BTW:  I do have to thank you.  I had considered looking at one for a little over what they were going for a week ago.  So you saved me some coin that I can spend on my ARs and 1911. 


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