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9-11, 10 years of my life and counting

So much has changed.  I’ve lost family and wept bitterly.  I’ve gained family, and wept tears of joy.  I’ve seen pain and sadness as well as joy and great passions.  10 years have passed like a blink of God’s eye and I’ve slept through so much of it, praying for Friday.

But the time was mine to do with as I pleased.  It was my choice to smile or frown, to walk or run, to wonder or wander.   

2996 people had that choice taken from them 10 years ago.  We close our eyes and pray for them today.

Watch And Learn What Egypt Can Teach Us

See how ineffective an unarmed populous is against an oppressive government’s troops?  Think about that the next time you are declaring your desire to have us surrender ANY of the 2nd Amendment for the children. 

I’m not calling for violence.  I’m only saying that if the sheep are disarmed; who can prevent the sheep dog and the wolf from teaming up?

July 4th… Just Couldn’t Feel The Love.

Job taking all the joy out of writing.  I don’t have much time to comment on anything.  A lot has happened in the past several weeks, but then again, a lot of smarter people than I have been out there commenting on these things… so nu?

I have only one comment on the recently past Independence Day.  I sat in Mass on Saturday listening to the opening and closing hymns that thundered about America and spacious skies and God… And you know all I could think was, “Hog wash.” 

Don’t get me wrong, I love this country.  I think The USA was the best shot humanity had for something approaching true justice and freedom.  But I just can’t shake the feeling that possibility died a long time ago.  I just feel like I’m watching an aging actor or actress who’s trading on the image of what they once were, but after too many face lifts, too many affairs, and too many times believing their own press clippings, just can’t bring the thrill to the performance that they once did. 

Or maybe it’s that old outfielder who just can’t quite cover the corners like he used to and can’t quite get to that low outside fast ball because of too many beers.  He can still rock the fences with a tape measure job if you put one in his wheelhouse, but his time as the unbeatable threat is gone.  He could probably get a few more years if he really tried, but he stopped trying when the love of the game was traded for appearances on ESPN and interviews in SI. 

I don’t mean to be a cynic.  I’m just doing the math and don’t see a way out that doesn’t involve a miracle.  I see two parties who are either completely miscalculating or willfully misinterpreting the masses.  I see 40% of the country being an active hindrance to change, not just a dead weight.  I see people who should be working together, bickering even in victory.  I see the elites snickering into their martinis, pinky extended, self satisfied that they have tied up most of the avenues to power and can prevent meaningful reforms.  Reforms that could cost them power. 

Maybe it’s because I talk to too many people in a day and listen to how deluded they are.  I talk to too many idiots on the left who can’t understand why Socialism is a bad thing.  I talk to too many idiots on the right who still think that truth alone will win the day.  I talk to too many Democrats and Republicans who don’t get just how f’ed up our Economy is and how just plain scary the math looks.  Feh!   Maybe I’m just bipolar and I don’t know it.  But I do know when someone starts singing songs about America, begging God to shed his grace on thee, I get a little worried about what God will send when He’s blue in the face sending grace that keeps getting rejected.   

Perhaps things will turn around soon, but I just don’t see it happening.  The need to call “HARD STARBOARD!” was yesterday and the jagged rocks of the social and financial reality are looming in front of us while our leaders play games (literal and figurative) and smile too sweetly telling us not to worry our pretty little heads.  Well… My head, not so pretty as it is, is worried.  Very worried.  Too worried to sing and pretend it’s all going to be OK.

Welcome to the DH spot, America.  Next stop, crappy local car commercials with loud voiceovers and over emphasized graphics.

Oh Teh Noez, Teh Peeplz, Tehy Is Teh Angryz!

So the Dems and MSM are all exercised about the VIOLENCE that is being shown to Congress.  

Here’s a couple of tips for you Dems out there.

1)      Don’t shank someone in the yard and expect no reprisals.  This bill is NOT business as usual.  You have kicked a hornet’s nest and you can expect to get stung.

2)      The people are mad as hell right now.  But they are holding out for November.  Whoever is engaged in violence is NOT a right wing tea partier.  It’s lone wolves who are mad hell at you. (Or SIEU members looking to short-circuit any protests)

3)      Right now, the people are angry but still willing to “play the game.”  But you try to ram Amnesty down our throats and you will see violence.

4)      When the American People are ready to be violent, you WILL NOT get threats.  You will not have a warning.  They will swarm like angry insects all over the place.  It will be ugly. 

5)      It would do you well to remember that the Hornets you are scorning because you are, for now, inside the protective bubble of DC have very large stingers and know how to use them.    

Are we clear now?  You started this battle and people are quite happy to keep it in the realm of politics and elections.  …For now.  But we do have a tipping point.  And you are getting very close to that point.  Keep on this road and no one will be the same.  

One last thing from the article:

“Here in America, we settle our political differences at the ballot box,”

True.  But when the people begin to understand that the system is rigged and our voices are no longer being heard because of parliamentary rules and rules violations designed to prevent the changes we insist on, what course is left to the people?  The Socialists Dems changed the game we are playing now.  It’s no longer penny-a-hand, it’s life and death for this nation.  Don’t blame the American People if, when, they respond in kind.

Do also remember.  We ARE a violent people.  We do like the rebel who settles fights with his fists and not lawyers.  Don’t kid yourselves into thinking that you’ve “Europeanized” us to the point that we are loyal subjects.  At heart, most Americans are an undomesticated feral beast quite happy to revert back to ending things with flash of teeth and claws.

Fire At Will

… Or Nick, in this case.

In a post yesterday I espoused the “Moderate Delenda est” course for Conservatives since Moderates have been show for the cowards they are.  I submit that this strategy will not only be affective, but funny as hell

Thanks to the Monster Hunter in Chief

Ruger LCR: Most Expensive Cat Toy Evar!

I get home from the Fun Show with our Ruger LCR, load it with snap caps, and proceed to try out the dry fire laser drills.

My wife is reclining on the sofa with His Majesty, Domo-Ari Gato on her tummy.  Domo sees the red speck invader and, using Queen Ammodalah’s mid section for a launch pad, leaps for the Luminous Commie Interloper. 

I really didn’t think through the whole laser sight thing.  Oops.

Don’t Secure The Cannons Just Yet.

Tam has some valid points about Senator Brown.  Let me put it into military terms. This was NOT Nagasaki or Hiroshima.  This wasn’t The Great Marianas Turkey Shoot.  This wasn’t even Midway.  But this MAY have been the Battle of the Coral Sea; a tactical draw at best, but a strategic victory.  You have to stop the enemy before you can put them on their heels.

Maybe November 2K10 will be Midway.  And remember, even after the US had gained almost total control of air and sea, the Japanese could have totally derailed US plans by the very nearly successful sortie of Admiral Kurita through the San Bernardino strait.  A few blunders here… Some hubris there… And someone in 2013 could easily be asking, “Where are the Republicans?  The world wonders.”   And this time it WON’T be a radioman’s hiccup that adds the last sentence.

So take Senator Brown’s win for what it is;  a hard-fought strategic victory (that is all due to Brown and his campaign, with help form an unorganized enemy drunk on its own successes) that can be built upon or squandered.

Ren Fest… Or Octogenarian Furries

So someone talked me into going to the Texas Ren Fest. I’m kinda taken aback by the old lady pushing a Hugo with a big furry fox tail. Need more beer to stop the brain.

Cranky Won The Int3rn3ts Yesterday…

… and I didn’t find out until today!

“The British wore red coats during the American revolution, because that was their ‘away’ uniform.”

Laughed so hard I scared the cat.

A Lesson In The History Of Lies

Check out this edition of Afterburner.  A very nice history lesson.  Pass it on. 

BWO Blackfork

EDITED TO ADD:  Any one who quotes from Serenity can’t be all bad.


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