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Wait… What???

Starting to see this pop up on Facebook and wondering where this meme is from.  Can’t point to any one post because the ones I’ve seen are all private and un-viewable by the friendless.  However the “logic” goes something like this:

“Because Sarah Palin put herself at the center of the AZ controversy, she now can’t be president since she showed such lack of class by making it all about Sarah.”

Sooo… let me get this straight.  The Media attacks her and tries to pin the whole thing on her.  She responds, batting them away like the ineffectual morons they are and SHE’S to blame for being made the center of the tragedy.  Let me see if I can apply that logic in other areas.  I’m a woman at a party and a man tries to rip my top off and expose my breast-a-ses.  The party stops and all eyes are on us.  I slap the bastard, kick him in the nuts, and call the police.   That makes the fact that the party was derailed my fault because I should have just let him expose me to the masses and left it alone so the party could continue.  Riiiiiight.  I guess that’s how some leftists sing themselves to sleep at night. 

I hope this is an aberration and not some new meme that the Lamestream media is floating. 

FTC Disclaimer: I’m not a Palin supporter.  I’ve repeatedly said I don’t think she’s electable.  But hell’s bells folks, pick a new whipping bo… I mean girl.  You’re starting to sound obsessed and… well… a little simple.

The Roaches Come To Feast After AZ Shooting

Ok… Let me get this right, Congressman King, you lowest of the low dirt-bag who is trying to climb on the bodies of the slain to get face time with a fawning media.  You think that a schizoid nut-ball who got it in his head to kill someone would have said to himself as he was book marking pages in The Communist Manifesto, “Oh shucks, I have to cancel my plans to go kill my Congresswoman because I can’t bring a gun within a thousand feet of her.  Darn.  Weekend is down the drain now.” 

GOOD LORD!  You tiny little man who can’t let the bodies assume room temp before joining hands with political cronies and playing all butthurt for the cameras.  You, and all the other ghouls supping on the blood of the fallen, should be ashamed of yourselves for this.  I wonder if I asked the Honorable Mr. King, Republican, NY, if he could, without looking at a note pad, tell me what the names of the “other victims” are?  Probably not.  Because he doesn’t care.  It’s just some numbers to him.  It’s just some ratings to him.  It’s just sauce for the goose.

You evil scum dwelling stellar example of all that is wrong with our political system.  SHAME ON YOU!  SHAME ON BLOOMBERG!  Shame on all you filthy troglodytes who jumped up and cheered at the news of the dead and greedily smacked your lips at the chance to chip away, yet more, at the people and their rights. 

Once more, you thick headed power hungry parasite sucking at the teat of the American Voter, please show me ONE instance where posting signs and making something illegal made it stop happening.  While you are at it, you may want to make murder illegal or shooting someone illegal.  That might have stopped the killings too.  You frivolous glory hounding moron.

T! S! A! T! S! A! Cheer On Security Kabuki

A New Hope and a Modest Proposal.

The Only One Professional Enough to Dangle a Participle

One of the great absurdities that people who support The Constitution, and by extension the 2nd Amendment, use to illustrate the absurdity of the anti-gun rights canards, is to change the wording of all their vitriolic assertions and substitute 1st Amendment tools for 2nd Amendment ones.

1)     The public should be allowed no more than one (1) opinion a month.
2)     All Word Processors should be registered.
3)     Only professionals should be allowed to own pen and paper.
4)     The Founding Fathers could never have envisioned the internet and the digital medium is much too powerful for civilians to own.

Well, it seems some of the same champions of Gun Control, the MSM, would be okay with that.  A better commentary on the 1st Amendment hypocrisy can be found here.

Just remember kids, it’s never about Guns or Words, it’s about Control.  They believe they are entitled to it and you can’t be allowed to exercise it.

Cross posted from and written by LAB.   H/T to Phlegmmy

Do What The MSM Wants You To Do. …Sort of.

The Dems and the MSM what us to forget about Obamacare and go on with out lives like it doesn’t matter.  Lay back and think of England, as it were.  Honestly, that’s not a terrible Idea at its core.

This coming week, I Dante, do resolve to no listen to the news, to not talk politics with anyone, and to enjoy and celebrate Easter as best I can. 

I’m going to try and post only Non-political stories this coming week and, as Roger DeBris from The Producers suggests, “Keep it light, keep it bright, keep it gay.” 

I may even try to hammer out a range report for my LCR.  It’s been fulfilling its role as a dry fire trainer so far, but I feel it needs some lead down its pipe.  I also need to take my MK9 out and make sure it’s still ship shape after I had to detail strip the upper to make sure I got all the water out of its innards.  No, that is not a story I will post.   Not anytime soon anyway.  Too embarrassing.

I suggest you all do the same and give yourselves a reprieve from the simpering sycophants in the media.  This past week sucked for anyone who loves liberty.  But there’s not much we can do about it just yet.  We’ll have to wait until November to see if we can effect any change.  And until they try and ram Instant Samnesty down our gullets, we can’t really do anything about that either. 

The Spineless weasels who voted for Obamacare think that we’ll “Cool Off” by November.  I have news for them.  We already have.  You see, those guys on the left need anger to make them move.  We don’t.  We have a little thing called the Truth on our side.  It doesn’t need false crises to gin up action.  It keeps burning with a gentle flame like the pilot light in an old gas oven.  It doesn’t need to be stoked, it is what stokes.  Rest assured in September when the elections draw near, we will turn on the oven and the fires will be there.  They will feel the heat one way or another.

We are about to go into the Easter Season.  That should be a good reminder that even things that are dead can be reborn.  So let’s put it all on the back burner for a few days and remember what is really important.  They’ll be time enough to go back to sharpening the pitchforks* come Monday the 5th

*or whichever toys you plan to bring to the party.  🙂

Oh Teh Noez, Teh Peeplz, Tehy Is Teh Angryz!

So the Dems and MSM are all exercised about the VIOLENCE that is being shown to Congress.  

Here’s a couple of tips for you Dems out there.

1)      Don’t shank someone in the yard and expect no reprisals.  This bill is NOT business as usual.  You have kicked a hornet’s nest and you can expect to get stung.

2)      The people are mad as hell right now.  But they are holding out for November.  Whoever is engaged in violence is NOT a right wing tea partier.  It’s lone wolves who are mad hell at you. (Or SIEU members looking to short-circuit any protests)

3)      Right now, the people are angry but still willing to “play the game.”  But you try to ram Amnesty down our throats and you will see violence.

4)      When the American People are ready to be violent, you WILL NOT get threats.  You will not have a warning.  They will swarm like angry insects all over the place.  It will be ugly. 

5)      It would do you well to remember that the Hornets you are scorning because you are, for now, inside the protective bubble of DC have very large stingers and know how to use them.    

Are we clear now?  You started this battle and people are quite happy to keep it in the realm of politics and elections.  …For now.  But we do have a tipping point.  And you are getting very close to that point.  Keep on this road and no one will be the same.  

One last thing from the article:

“Here in America, we settle our political differences at the ballot box,”

True.  But when the people begin to understand that the system is rigged and our voices are no longer being heard because of parliamentary rules and rules violations designed to prevent the changes we insist on, what course is left to the people?  The Socialists Dems changed the game we are playing now.  It’s no longer penny-a-hand, it’s life and death for this nation.  Don’t blame the American People if, when, they respond in kind.

Do also remember.  We ARE a violent people.  We do like the rebel who settles fights with his fists and not lawyers.  Don’t kid yourselves into thinking that you’ve “Europeanized” us to the point that we are loyal subjects.  At heart, most Americans are an undomesticated feral beast quite happy to revert back to ending things with flash of teeth and claws.

No More Moderates

If one thing has become painfully clear to anyone watching this Healthcare Sausage Making Demonstration, it is the acute fact that the myth of the Moderate is dead.  If you encounter a RINO or Blue Dog in your life, point out to them quite plainly and in as much politeness are you can muster that there are either FOR the destruction of the country or AGAINST it.  There is no more cover for them to hide behind. 

If you are Conservative, be very proud of that fact and stick in everyone’s face.  Don’t let them get away with talking about moderation and crossing the aisle and compassion.  It’s a very simple thing.  If you can’t say that with 100% of your being that you despise the direction of the country, you are the enemy and must be destroyed.  No equivocation.  No convoluted nuances.  You are either with us or against us and if you are against us, you must be destroyed. 

I was sick to death of “Moderates” cooing about how they were going to rise above politics and elect Obama.  I was sick to death of having them say “Oh he won’t do that,” or “the Constitution won’t let him,” or, “He’s not a king, he wouldn’t dare.”  I was equally sick of them whinging after the election about “I never thought he would do this.”  You bunch of stupid imbeciles. 

Moderates like the Bushs led to socialists like Clinton and now Obama.  They led to the destruction of this nation.  They can not be allowed to exist in either party.  The minute some Republican starts talking about anything other than repealing this legislation, lowering taxes, and cutting spending, they should be shown the door, forcefully if necessary.  That means taking out the party elite as well.  McCain, Grahamnesty, and the like must be beheaded.  If only just politically.

If a Democrat tries to convince you they are “independent minded” and “Moderate”, they should get the same treatment.  There is no room for moderation in the Democrat party as this past weekend and criminals like the “Moderate” Stupak bunch have shown.  If you have a D after your name, you will eventually be forced to do the bidding of Nancy, Harry, and Obama if you want to keep your seat.  If they tell you they are capable of being Conservative or Moderate and they have a D after their name, they are lying and they used to shoot liars on the field of honor.  A practice I think should definitely be reexamined and possibly brought back.  …At least for politicians.

I will only brook quarter for one group that is not truly Conservative.  That is the Libertarians.  I get your stance.  I don’t agree with it. I can’t.  But I think, at least in this case, we can agree that we can quibble about the social concerns you have about Conservatism after Socialism has been defeated.  Besides, your beef with Conservatism, for the most part, is at the State level.  The US Constitution, when followed, gives little more power to the federal government than Libertarians ideals would dictate.   Gay marriage and all the other social issues with the possible exception of abortion (unless you agree with Justice Scalia, which I’m tempted to), are not FEDERAL ISSUES.  So for this fight, we have to bury the hatchet.   We can get back to killing each other at the State level when this job is done.

I type this knowing full well many things.  1) The media will continue to fawn over RINOs and Blue Dogs as “open minded” and “above it all”.  2) Libertarians will never sit happily with Conservatives and vice versa.  3) All of this is an intellectual exercise since we will have Shamnesty that will guarantee Socialist Rule over this country for the foreseeable future. 4) Finally, we probably won’t see the end of this until this country goes Tango Uniform under a mound of dept. 

It’s sad to think that even with maximum effort, the only thing that will probably work is the Balkanization of this country for there to be a place for people who want to remain free to live according to The Constitution.  And with Shamnesty giving millions claim to States that would otherwise more peacefully become independent, the blood is going to be thigh deep when it does, if it does, happen.


Point To Ponder

When Shamnesty passes, and it will with the same underhanded unconstitutional parliamentary tricks that were used to pass Obamacare, can we REALLY consider any election that happens with 25 million unconstitutional voters a legitimate election?  

And even if they DON’T use tricks to pass it, the vast majority of the American people don’t want it.  Which makes it against the will of the people and therefore illegal.  Will those elections held after the fact be legitimate?

My vote is, “No.” 

Point to ponder when you are working on those distance shots in the future.   You may want to invest in some good glass for that hunting rifle.  I’m just sayin’

If you are gonna lie…

At least try to make it sound like you believe it. (You may have to sit through a LOUD add to get to the Fox26 commercial)
The spot is totally priceless. I mean…WOW.

Do they think we are that dumb? I guess up in the ivory tower of news-dom, they haven’t bothered to read the news that the “Greenie” is out of the bottle. Total condescending horse spit.

You can’t afford your own chopper, there’s no shame in that.  But again, typical Socialist BS.  When you can’t do something on your own, rather than trying to achieve it, just try to stigmatize the successful. 

Oh and, “No!”   My mother would have told me NOT to share my very expensive helicopter for fear that someone might break it.  So there!

How We Lost The Culture War. Or… The Marriage Ref.

I’ve been seeing these stupid adds on TeeWee about The Marriage Ref.  The minute Jerry Seinfeld’s name was touted as the reason I should watch this, any last latent schadenfreude curiosity I may have had in pausing for 5 seconds while flipping channels was annihilated like an ant at ground zero. has this blurb about the show:

From executive producer Jerry Seinfeld comes this new reality series that looks into the unexpected and absurd situations that arise in the marriages of celebrities, sports stars and just plain regular folks. With all sides of the issues examined, the audience gets to decide whose side they are on… (if any).


That’s not how the commercials portray the coming show.  The adverts suggest that common (and to fit the Hollywood script of, “The pretty people live on the coasts,” they seem extra common) will be shown in all their flyover country buffoonery while celebs make fun of them.

Let’s put aside Hollyweird’s obsession with making marriage into a mockery for a moment.  Let’s focus, instead on how the show is probably going to unfold.   The show will have, edited for maximum affect, rubes playing up to stereotypes while A-List A-holes sit in comic judgment over them (with the occasional dip into a celeb marriage as a “see we make fun of everyone” beard.  Kinda like the one moderate on a political show amongst 3 rabid socialists that proves that it’s non-partisan).  Because, you know, we non-pretty people should submit ourselves to our betters in the Entertainment world.  Always.  They have the right to make fun of us and ridicule us on screen.  It’s just another extension of their omniscience gifted to them when they got their SAG cards.

And in the commercials, who do we see as those who should be so acutely imbued with empathy for marriage and the common man?  Jerry Seinfeld, who “courted” a 17 year old girl and stole his “wife” from another man, and Alec Baldwin, who had a bitter divorce, treated his 11 year old child like crap, and wrote a book about how to get divorced.  Not a book on how to stay together.  Not a book reviewing how he and his Mrs. screwed up so you don’t, but a book on how to selfishly end it.  Wow Hollywood! Thanks ever so! Really! 

I hope and pray this show ends a short run in disgrace.  But given the names behind it, I doubt it.


Conservative, educated, understands history, distrusts government, distrusts politicians, dislikes pop-culture, and carries a firearm. In short, I'm what The Framers of The Constitution were counting on and everything your government wants you to fear most.

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