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Teh Sexy. It Haz It.

One of my secret loves is Ships of War.  Particularly because of the men that have served on them.  The absolute testicular (and increasingly ovarian) fortitude it takes to get out on the open waves and put your fate totally in the hands of your officers and country is the stuff of legends.  I know no battleship has ever occupied an inch of land, or raised a flag on a tyrant’s palace, but our navy IS our ability to project our resolve across the globe and the second thing that makes a modern invasion of the US unthinkable; the first being the 2nd Amendment.  So when I see new designs for warships, I generally yawn comparing them to the Great White Fleet or the Yamato and shed a tear for the days when a fleet sailing into harbor, or sometimes just a single ship, was the ultimate, “My flag is bigger than your flag,” metaphorical raspberry that one nation could give to another. 

As advances in weapons and systems continue, the overt raspberry has been replaced with the game of “hid and seek”.  …Something at which we are also quite good.  In our more “enlightened” age, some of the greatest warships aren’t ships are all, but Submarines that prowl silently protecting us.  I’m not knocking Subs and Submariners.  Far from it.  I COULD NOT DO WHAT THEY DO.  Period. Full Stop.  But the “throwback to the days when we had wars and not Jihads” in me pines for the sleek beauty of a heavy cruiser, under full steam, on the prowl. 

Enter the USS Independence. I have to say I’m not yawning.  That’s a definite “wave the flag” worthy ship design, at least by the looks of it.  I have NO CLUE about it’s capabilities as compared to the USS Freedom (also mentioned in the post).  It may be a turkey.  But that’s one damn sexy turkey.  Imagine the design ramped up to a destroyer of even cruiser class.  *Drool*  

As an aside.  When the Ford takes over for the Enterprise, I sure hope another active vessel gets that name.  Star Trek references be damned, that Ship Name has too proud a heritage to be left behind.  I really pray that the CVN-79 or 80 doesn’t get dubbed the Carter or the Clinton!  Here’s the Navy’s excuse to NOT saddle the ships with those names. 

Of course… The Clinton man not be such a bad name.  WAIT FOR IT… It wouldn’t have an issue with getting target ships to go down. *rimshot*



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