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The Roaches Come To Feast After AZ Shooting

Ok… Let me get this right, Congressman King, you lowest of the low dirt-bag who is trying to climb on the bodies of the slain to get face time with a fawning media.  You think that a schizoid nut-ball who got it in his head to kill someone would have said to himself as he was book marking pages in The Communist Manifesto, “Oh shucks, I have to cancel my plans to go kill my Congresswoman because I can’t bring a gun within a thousand feet of her.  Darn.  Weekend is down the drain now.” 

GOOD LORD!  You tiny little man who can’t let the bodies assume room temp before joining hands with political cronies and playing all butthurt for the cameras.  You, and all the other ghouls supping on the blood of the fallen, should be ashamed of yourselves for this.  I wonder if I asked the Honorable Mr. King, Republican, NY, if he could, without looking at a note pad, tell me what the names of the “other victims” are?  Probably not.  Because he doesn’t care.  It’s just some numbers to him.  It’s just some ratings to him.  It’s just sauce for the goose.

You evil scum dwelling stellar example of all that is wrong with our political system.  SHAME ON YOU!  SHAME ON BLOOMBERG!  Shame on all you filthy troglodytes who jumped up and cheered at the news of the dead and greedily smacked your lips at the chance to chip away, yet more, at the people and their rights. 

Once more, you thick headed power hungry parasite sucking at the teat of the American Voter, please show me ONE instance where posting signs and making something illegal made it stop happening.  While you are at it, you may want to make murder illegal or shooting someone illegal.  That might have stopped the killings too.  You frivolous glory hounding moron.

RINO! It’s what’s for dinner!

So a RINO can perform a Cranial-Rectal extraction after all.  Sad that it took a morning’s worth of bullying by the people they are supposed to represent to do what they are, you know, supposed to do, which is support the will of, you know, THE PEOPLE.  You RINOs may not like it, but THE PEOPLE are pissed and WILL NOT rubber stamp your cronies anymore.  I imagine the Donks are going to have a similar “Come to Buddha” moment in 2014 if the RINOs miff this opportunity as badly as I think they will.  One of these parties will change.  The first one to do it gets to be top critter at the Congressional-Presidential Petting Zoo for a good long stretch. 

Did I mention I foresee the RINOs totally bollocksing the whole sea change that Hurricane Obama has brought them with weak candidates (like Mitt Romney in 2012) who’re going to be pushed for nomination simply because it’s their turn to be?  Have I?  They can’t rig states’ internal primaries, but I’m sure they will front load, cajole, and flat out lie to make sure someone like Romney gets nominated just like they made sure it was McCain in 2008.

H/T to Unc.

July 4th… Just Couldn’t Feel The Love.

Job taking all the joy out of writing.  I don’t have much time to comment on anything.  A lot has happened in the past several weeks, but then again, a lot of smarter people than I have been out there commenting on these things… so nu?

I have only one comment on the recently past Independence Day.  I sat in Mass on Saturday listening to the opening and closing hymns that thundered about America and spacious skies and God… And you know all I could think was, “Hog wash.” 

Don’t get me wrong, I love this country.  I think The USA was the best shot humanity had for something approaching true justice and freedom.  But I just can’t shake the feeling that possibility died a long time ago.  I just feel like I’m watching an aging actor or actress who’s trading on the image of what they once were, but after too many face lifts, too many affairs, and too many times believing their own press clippings, just can’t bring the thrill to the performance that they once did. 

Or maybe it’s that old outfielder who just can’t quite cover the corners like he used to and can’t quite get to that low outside fast ball because of too many beers.  He can still rock the fences with a tape measure job if you put one in his wheelhouse, but his time as the unbeatable threat is gone.  He could probably get a few more years if he really tried, but he stopped trying when the love of the game was traded for appearances on ESPN and interviews in SI. 

I don’t mean to be a cynic.  I’m just doing the math and don’t see a way out that doesn’t involve a miracle.  I see two parties who are either completely miscalculating or willfully misinterpreting the masses.  I see 40% of the country being an active hindrance to change, not just a dead weight.  I see people who should be working together, bickering even in victory.  I see the elites snickering into their martinis, pinky extended, self satisfied that they have tied up most of the avenues to power and can prevent meaningful reforms.  Reforms that could cost them power. 

Maybe it’s because I talk to too many people in a day and listen to how deluded they are.  I talk to too many idiots on the left who can’t understand why Socialism is a bad thing.  I talk to too many idiots on the right who still think that truth alone will win the day.  I talk to too many Democrats and Republicans who don’t get just how f’ed up our Economy is and how just plain scary the math looks.  Feh!   Maybe I’m just bipolar and I don’t know it.  But I do know when someone starts singing songs about America, begging God to shed his grace on thee, I get a little worried about what God will send when He’s blue in the face sending grace that keeps getting rejected.   

Perhaps things will turn around soon, but I just don’t see it happening.  The need to call “HARD STARBOARD!” was yesterday and the jagged rocks of the social and financial reality are looming in front of us while our leaders play games (literal and figurative) and smile too sweetly telling us not to worry our pretty little heads.  Well… My head, not so pretty as it is, is worried.  Very worried.  Too worried to sing and pretend it’s all going to be OK.

Welcome to the DH spot, America.  Next stop, crappy local car commercials with loud voiceovers and over emphasized graphics.

Actions Have Consequences

Trophy Hunting in AZ

Sneaking within 7 points?  Doesn’t that speak volumes. 

Watch all the RINOs run for their Conservative Beards.  If nothing else, it’s entertaining. 

I will say it ONE MORE TIME, A hyphenated-Conservative is NOT a Conservative.  I don’t care if that preamble is “Big Government”, “Fiscal”, “Social”, “Compassionate”, “Religious”, or “Regan”.  Conservative is what it is.  You cannot modify it and keep the integrity of its definition.  PERIOD.

Ok… One Last Rant For The Day.



And we wonder why we are in the shape with are in.

Oh, FWIW, the previous post where I talk about the Moderates who frosted the hell out of me in the last election with their naiveté and high mindedness in the face of facts… they are many of the people who are carping about March Madness like it matters one damn whit.

None of you get to use any of my guns when the Zombies attack.  NONE OF YOU!

No More Moderates

If one thing has become painfully clear to anyone watching this Healthcare Sausage Making Demonstration, it is the acute fact that the myth of the Moderate is dead.  If you encounter a RINO or Blue Dog in your life, point out to them quite plainly and in as much politeness are you can muster that there are either FOR the destruction of the country or AGAINST it.  There is no more cover for them to hide behind. 

If you are Conservative, be very proud of that fact and stick in everyone’s face.  Don’t let them get away with talking about moderation and crossing the aisle and compassion.  It’s a very simple thing.  If you can’t say that with 100% of your being that you despise the direction of the country, you are the enemy and must be destroyed.  No equivocation.  No convoluted nuances.  You are either with us or against us and if you are against us, you must be destroyed. 

I was sick to death of “Moderates” cooing about how they were going to rise above politics and elect Obama.  I was sick to death of having them say “Oh he won’t do that,” or “the Constitution won’t let him,” or, “He’s not a king, he wouldn’t dare.”  I was equally sick of them whinging after the election about “I never thought he would do this.”  You bunch of stupid imbeciles. 

Moderates like the Bushs led to socialists like Clinton and now Obama.  They led to the destruction of this nation.  They can not be allowed to exist in either party.  The minute some Republican starts talking about anything other than repealing this legislation, lowering taxes, and cutting spending, they should be shown the door, forcefully if necessary.  That means taking out the party elite as well.  McCain, Grahamnesty, and the like must be beheaded.  If only just politically.

If a Democrat tries to convince you they are “independent minded” and “Moderate”, they should get the same treatment.  There is no room for moderation in the Democrat party as this past weekend and criminals like the “Moderate” Stupak bunch have shown.  If you have a D after your name, you will eventually be forced to do the bidding of Nancy, Harry, and Obama if you want to keep your seat.  If they tell you they are capable of being Conservative or Moderate and they have a D after their name, they are lying and they used to shoot liars on the field of honor.  A practice I think should definitely be reexamined and possibly brought back.  …At least for politicians.

I will only brook quarter for one group that is not truly Conservative.  That is the Libertarians.  I get your stance.  I don’t agree with it. I can’t.  But I think, at least in this case, we can agree that we can quibble about the social concerns you have about Conservatism after Socialism has been defeated.  Besides, your beef with Conservatism, for the most part, is at the State level.  The US Constitution, when followed, gives little more power to the federal government than Libertarians ideals would dictate.   Gay marriage and all the other social issues with the possible exception of abortion (unless you agree with Justice Scalia, which I’m tempted to), are not FEDERAL ISSUES.  So for this fight, we have to bury the hatchet.   We can get back to killing each other at the State level when this job is done.

I type this knowing full well many things.  1) The media will continue to fawn over RINOs and Blue Dogs as “open minded” and “above it all”.  2) Libertarians will never sit happily with Conservatives and vice versa.  3) All of this is an intellectual exercise since we will have Shamnesty that will guarantee Socialist Rule over this country for the foreseeable future. 4) Finally, we probably won’t see the end of this until this country goes Tango Uniform under a mound of dept. 

It’s sad to think that even with maximum effort, the only thing that will probably work is the Balkanization of this country for there to be a place for people who want to remain free to live according to The Constitution.  And with Shamnesty giving millions claim to States that would otherwise more peacefully become independent, the blood is going to be thigh deep when it does, if it does, happen.


My Wish For Political Courage.

After TheOne(tm) unconstitutionally moved Obamacare into law against the will of the American People, The Texas GOP sent me an email lamenting the passing of the bill and urging us to take it out on them in November.  What I would have loved was to have opened the email on my phone as I was going to bed, and instead of being under-impressed with the whinginess of the eblast, been told to grab my, “AR and meet in The Mall at soonest… Will march on Capital Hill when all assembled.  Keep this channel clear for more orders.”

Oh to dream.

Point To Ponder

When Shamnesty passes, and it will with the same underhanded unconstitutional parliamentary tricks that were used to pass Obamacare, can we REALLY consider any election that happens with 25 million unconstitutional voters a legitimate election?  

And even if they DON’T use tricks to pass it, the vast majority of the American people don’t want it.  Which makes it against the will of the people and therefore illegal.  Will those elections held after the fact be legitimate?

My vote is, “No.” 

Point to ponder when you are working on those distance shots in the future.   You may want to invest in some good glass for that hunting rifle.  I’m just sayin’

But Dante… Obama Signed An Excutive Order…

… so tax payer funded Abortions won’t happen. 

I have a lovely bridge I’d like you to look at.  Bargain basement price.  Won’t be on the market long.

IF that order is worth the piece of paper it’s written on, which I suspect it isn’t because it can not counter statutes and the Senate bill HAS IT IN THERE!  It’s only a stop-gap.  Obama, comfortably re-elected in a landslide by his new 25 million dolist voters from sur of the border, will trot some poor teenaged latino who was raped by her AIDS ridden meth head MS13 dad.  He’ll say he has to rescind his order.  …For the children.

While I’m Venting My Spleen.

The US Catholic Church… not to be confused with the Roman Catholic Church despite its claim of allegiance… gave such great moral direction on the healthcare debate.  It’s ok if the government unconstitutionally takes over healthcare.  It’s ok that the US become socialist.  It’s ok if working people are raped at the point of a gun by the IRS.  As long as we can tap-dance around abortion with some feel good language and have illegals treated like citizens, we don’t care if .gov exercises draconian control over every aspect of our members’ lives.  We don’t care that in every nation where socialism takes over, the morality of that nation takes a nosedive.  No.  As long as we don’t have to take a stand and illegals get the feast on the golden goose, we’re cool.

That’s what happens when you follow the “Spirit of Vatican II”.  That’s what happens when you let lay ministers hippies run the parishes and dioceses.  

the sad part is that as the USCCB becomes more liberal and useless, more people will fall away from the church.  and who will be left.  Faithful Catholics, all good citizens, whose birthright and economy they encouraged the government to give away.  They will be coming to us for more money.  I’m afraid Cesar will get there first, and he has guns, and not much will be left.   don’t think I won’t weigh your contribution to this disaster when I have to decide where the rest of my paycheck gets spent.

Let me make one thing clear.  I will not leave my church.  But I’m sick to death of the lot of you and I don’t give a tinker’s damn what you say anymore.  If it doesn’t come from Rome, I won’t listen.  period.

NOTE WELL:  any “down with Rome, whore of Babylon, the pope takes orders from da joos” nonsense will be shitcanned and will not see the light of day in comments.  I’m not anti catholic.  I’m angry with yet another American leadership institution that has lost its way and is crapping all over the people because they are too stupid to read history.


Conservative, educated, understands history, distrusts government, distrusts politicians, dislikes pop-culture, and carries a firearm. In short, I'm what The Framers of The Constitution were counting on and everything your government wants you to fear most.

The only thing I don’t have to complain about is some GI taking up space in my living room. I’ll let you know about the Civil Courts if someone ever owes more than $20 to me. ---If you didn’t get that one; sue your Civics or US History Teacher.

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