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The 1911. 100 Years Of Suck.

It appears I jumped into the 1911 waters at the exact right time.  Seems I didn’t get the memo that the 1911 isn’t for real social work.  (I point to these posts not for the OPs’ intent {for the most part} but rather for some of the comments)*. 

You know… when I was but a wee tot, the Izod was all the rage.  If you didn’t possess a different fruity color for each day of the week, you were EVIL!  Unless you had Polos, in which case you were absolved of your sins and allowed to hang out with a different, almost equal, click.  I owned ZERO** of either.  I don’t like people telling me what I should wear and what sucks.  I can kinda figure that one out for myself, TYVM.

So it seems poly .45s are Izods and Polos to some and the 1911 has become the anti-Izod.  The plain pullover that marks you as square.  Having one means you are a stuck on stupid and can’t get with it daddy-o.  Bite me.  I wear/use what works for me.  Being of shorter stature, I need specific things.  The 1911 fits my hand and points very well.  With slim grips, flat MSH, and short trigger, my 1911 will be an extension of my skeleton. 

I’m sorry God didn’t make me so that Glocks (which I happen to like a lot) or M&Ps (which I’m, “meh,” on) point well for me.  If I could talk to The Almighty and ask for another 6 inches (insert joke here), I would.  But I don’t think He would listen. 

I’m sorry I find the USPs to be funky and the XDs to be less than pleasant.  I’m sorry I don’t trust the Kahr in .45 (saw a used one and was kinda appalled at the wear patterns).  I’m truly sorry that the 1911 fits me and I chose to embark on a parts swap program to build a gun to MY liking, not what some other guy thinks I should settle for.  Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa.  Bless me Gaston, for I have sinned.

I grew up pissing off my father.  I took things apart and put them back together.  …Mostly they all went back together (Hence the pissing off of the father).  I like a gun that I can mess about with and play erector set.  I’ve put together a couple of AR-15’s and feel at home with the things I can do and know what I can’t do.  I have chased the “OH SHIT! springs” hither, thither, and yon so the unpinning of an ejector holds little fear for me.  Yay, though I walk through the valley of the grip bushing, I shall fear no evil, for thy tap and oversized bushings will protect me should I screw the pooch.   

So when the 1911 is rightly called a “hobby gun”, I don’t really take offense.  Guns are one of my hobbies.  And as such, I will take some suck to make the gun I want.  I have a 10 year old stock Honda Civic that gets me from point A to point B.  I’m not a gear head or a ricer enthusiast. I don’t care that its muffler is, you know, small.  I have an Android and not an iPhone or Blackberry, because I’m a geek and want to play with the innards.  My TV is 16 years old and actually takes 5 minutes to warm up.  I’m not a TV guy so I don’t care.  My stereo is laughably ancient and unused.  I’m not a music guy***.  I don’t own an iPod; see previous statement.  We all have places where we want to see the man behind the curtain and we all have places where we just want to push the button and have the whole world of ants moving and mice eating cheese hidden from us. ****

And, to make matters worse, I already have my next 2 1911 projects mapped out.  And one, if God, through St. JMB, bless me so, will be in 460 Rowland for a hog back up. 

YMMV.  Have fun with what YOU LIKE.  I will have fun with what I LIKE.  My primary carry is a MK9.  I have little fear that if a goblin were to phase into existence in front of me, its CorBons wouldn’t turn into half inch plus copper jacketed wads of suck in his chest and make him cease and desist forthwith.  So I have some time to customize and re-part my SA lightweight, getting the grip and trigger JUST RIGHT Goldilocks.  

Am I selling my Glock?  Hells no.  Will I be getting rid of my other handguns?  Nope.  Is there a chance that another non-1911 .45 ACP might follow me home?  Yup.  There is a place for all in God’s plan.  Steel and Alloy, Poly-light, All a precious in His sight. 

*And, no.  I’m not purposefully ignoring the near PSH of some of the 1911 fanboys.  The OPs have a point.  This is not a gun for everyone.  You can have just as good, if not better, guns for less money.  You have a 1911 because you want or need a 1911, not because it’s the best gun for any one thing.  Deal with it.  JMB does not weep when someone buys a Glock.  Ok… maybe he does when it’s chambered in .45 GAP.
**That’s actually not true.  Someone gave me one and I spent weeks pulling the damn gator off the fracking thing before I would wear it.  You want me to wear something with your name on it that I can find cheaper without your name on it?  PAY ME! 
*** Mainly because I played music for years and find just about everything modern to lack, in most ways, anything that could defined it as music.    Did I type that out loud?
****< Sarcasm > So it bothers me not if you aren’t in the know enough to maintain a 1911.  Not everyone can be 1337.  Your Tupperware will get you home just fine. …even if it lacks class. < / Sarcasm>

July 4th… Just Couldn’t Feel The Love.

Job taking all the joy out of writing.  I don’t have much time to comment on anything.  A lot has happened in the past several weeks, but then again, a lot of smarter people than I have been out there commenting on these things… so nu?

I have only one comment on the recently past Independence Day.  I sat in Mass on Saturday listening to the opening and closing hymns that thundered about America and spacious skies and God… And you know all I could think was, “Hog wash.” 

Don’t get me wrong, I love this country.  I think The USA was the best shot humanity had for something approaching true justice and freedom.  But I just can’t shake the feeling that possibility died a long time ago.  I just feel like I’m watching an aging actor or actress who’s trading on the image of what they once were, but after too many face lifts, too many affairs, and too many times believing their own press clippings, just can’t bring the thrill to the performance that they once did. 

Or maybe it’s that old outfielder who just can’t quite cover the corners like he used to and can’t quite get to that low outside fast ball because of too many beers.  He can still rock the fences with a tape measure job if you put one in his wheelhouse, but his time as the unbeatable threat is gone.  He could probably get a few more years if he really tried, but he stopped trying when the love of the game was traded for appearances on ESPN and interviews in SI. 

I don’t mean to be a cynic.  I’m just doing the math and don’t see a way out that doesn’t involve a miracle.  I see two parties who are either completely miscalculating or willfully misinterpreting the masses.  I see 40% of the country being an active hindrance to change, not just a dead weight.  I see people who should be working together, bickering even in victory.  I see the elites snickering into their martinis, pinky extended, self satisfied that they have tied up most of the avenues to power and can prevent meaningful reforms.  Reforms that could cost them power. 

Maybe it’s because I talk to too many people in a day and listen to how deluded they are.  I talk to too many idiots on the left who can’t understand why Socialism is a bad thing.  I talk to too many idiots on the right who still think that truth alone will win the day.  I talk to too many Democrats and Republicans who don’t get just how f’ed up our Economy is and how just plain scary the math looks.  Feh!   Maybe I’m just bipolar and I don’t know it.  But I do know when someone starts singing songs about America, begging God to shed his grace on thee, I get a little worried about what God will send when He’s blue in the face sending grace that keeps getting rejected.   

Perhaps things will turn around soon, but I just don’t see it happening.  The need to call “HARD STARBOARD!” was yesterday and the jagged rocks of the social and financial reality are looming in front of us while our leaders play games (literal and figurative) and smile too sweetly telling us not to worry our pretty little heads.  Well… My head, not so pretty as it is, is worried.  Very worried.  Too worried to sing and pretend it’s all going to be OK.

Welcome to the DH spot, America.  Next stop, crappy local car commercials with loud voiceovers and over emphasized graphics.

Feeling A Wee BYTE Hateful.

So I wake up to an email from my ISP; you know… those Comcastards?  Anyway, I wake up to their lovely email telling me that I can now monitor my own usage so I don’t go over their very generous 250GB total bandwidth usage. 

I’d managed to put the BW Cap out of my mind for a long time.  But they have to go and remind me and force it under my nose by making me check it every month now.  So you digital idiots, here’s what I think about your Cap.  It, and you by extension, suck. 

You have all these commercials touting life on the internet as some sort of limitless experience with ever faster download speeds, yet, HOLD ON THERE BUCKAROO, it’s really not limitless we have to cap it.  Then you charge me exorbitant pricing because you are the only game in town and you don’t actually use that to upgrade your infrastructure.  No, you piss it away on stupid commercials and lame internet sniffer squads that scour the web looking for any adverse comments about you. 

Instead of flashy commercials with Shaq and Ben, internet thought police, and bandwidth limits, why don’t you spend some real cash on your infrastructure so my inet doesn’t go down every 5 minutes like a $10 whore when the fleet’s in.  How about updating some of that architecture and equipment?  Why not spend a little time on designing DVR’s that actually work? 

Oh, and lest we forget, this internet company has THE WORST online payment experience of ANY place I’ve ever been.  …And I pay my city water bill online.  That site was put up by a government contractor.  IT SUCKS!  Yet I’m able to pay my bill on the City’s site in about 30 seconds. 

But can I do anything about any of this?  No.  You are the only game in town.  I can’t get fast enough DSL in my area and you know that.  So you don’t care.  So I’m stuck with you for internet.  But not much longer on the others. I’m dumping your useless digital phone and probably switching to Dish/Satellite as well.  I know that does nothing for the BW Cap, but it will make me feel better that I’m not paying you as much per month.

Ok… One Last Rant For The Day.



And we wonder why we are in the shape with are in.

Oh, FWIW, the previous post where I talk about the Moderates who frosted the hell out of me in the last election with their naiveté and high mindedness in the face of facts… they are many of the people who are carping about March Madness like it matters one damn whit.

None of you get to use any of my guns when the Zombies attack.  NONE OF YOU!

The Grim Sound Of Inevitability

The House just posed the “Slaughter Solution” bill for review which they wouldn’t have done if they don’t have the votes.  So it looks like we are going to have Obamacare and there’s nothing we can do about it. 

Also looks like I’ll be forced to pay for abortion that will start in 4 years, because if anyone believes that is going to be reconciled OUT of the bill, you’re deluded.

So within 4 years, I’ll have to find a new country to move to so I won’t be materially complicit in killing babies. 

I’m disgusted in my country.  The failure of leadership on this issue leaves me cold with blind hatred.  I’m glad that I’m not Jesus, because if they had to meet me at death’s door, I’d be tossing them into hell in job lots.  May He’ll be a tad more merciful.

Meanwhile… I guess I need to improve my skill set and learn a new language. 

Oh, and the “Gun Rights” issue.  It makes no never mind.  I know I will never find another country that will allow me to defend myself.  But it doesn’t make a difference.  I can’t live someplace that allows me to carry a gun but kills children with public funds.  Besides, The Constitution being as squishy as it is and governmental ponzi schemes being what they are, they’ll have to get rid of our guns at some point before the bills for this come due and this country erupts into riots.

I’m really sad and confused right now.  I’m not sure where to turn.  Oh well…  I guess it doesn’t matter anymore.  I’m sure in the next 4 years, something will present itself and I’ll be able to move on.

I can only hope there has been a MASSIVE miscalculation by House leaders and they don’t get the votes they think they have or that by some miracle, God hears the prayers of desperation made by people like me and reaches into the hearts of Congressional Democrats and they turn this bill aside.  I don’t see option #2 happening.  I think we are just simply reaping what we have sewn.  God tends to let that happen.

Congrats Canucks

Forgot to post this earlier, but If any of you funny talking guys from up north (no.. not the U.P.  More north) run across this site, CONGRATULATIONS!  That was a damn fine Olympics you put on.  Thanks for showing the world you can have a sense of humor and not turn it into some kind of throwback to a “we are the master race” political showpiece. (I’m looking at you China!)

From beer swilling hocky chicks to William Shatner making cracks about sex in canoes, you guys ROCK!  I so want to party with you now.   That just about makes up for foisting Shania Twain and Celine Dion on us.  Not quite, but almost.

I’ll have a Labatt in your honor at the next pub crawl.

How We Lost The Culture War. Or… The Marriage Ref.

I’ve been seeing these stupid adds on TeeWee about The Marriage Ref.  The minute Jerry Seinfeld’s name was touted as the reason I should watch this, any last latent schadenfreude curiosity I may have had in pausing for 5 seconds while flipping channels was annihilated like an ant at ground zero. has this blurb about the show:

From executive producer Jerry Seinfeld comes this new reality series that looks into the unexpected and absurd situations that arise in the marriages of celebrities, sports stars and just plain regular folks. With all sides of the issues examined, the audience gets to decide whose side they are on… (if any).


That’s not how the commercials portray the coming show.  The adverts suggest that common (and to fit the Hollywood script of, “The pretty people live on the coasts,” they seem extra common) will be shown in all their flyover country buffoonery while celebs make fun of them.

Let’s put aside Hollyweird’s obsession with making marriage into a mockery for a moment.  Let’s focus, instead on how the show is probably going to unfold.   The show will have, edited for maximum affect, rubes playing up to stereotypes while A-List A-holes sit in comic judgment over them (with the occasional dip into a celeb marriage as a “see we make fun of everyone” beard.  Kinda like the one moderate on a political show amongst 3 rabid socialists that proves that it’s non-partisan).  Because, you know, we non-pretty people should submit ourselves to our betters in the Entertainment world.  Always.  They have the right to make fun of us and ridicule us on screen.  It’s just another extension of their omniscience gifted to them when they got their SAG cards.

And in the commercials, who do we see as those who should be so acutely imbued with empathy for marriage and the common man?  Jerry Seinfeld, who “courted” a 17 year old girl and stole his “wife” from another man, and Alec Baldwin, who had a bitter divorce, treated his 11 year old child like crap, and wrote a book about how to get divorced.  Not a book on how to stay together.  Not a book reviewing how he and his Mrs. screwed up so you don’t, but a book on how to selfishly end it.  Wow Hollywood! Thanks ever so! Really! 

I hope and pray this show ends a short run in disgrace.  But given the names behind it, I doubt it.

V-day Pro Tip #2

PajamaGram… Bad idea.  Think about it.  If they are too small, she’ll think she’s fat.  If they are too big, she’ll think you think she’s fat.  No win situation.  Unless you date a bean poll that can walk into the boy’s department and wear clothes off the rack, just say no. 

And even then.  Too slutty and she’ll think you only bought they for your own amusement.  Not sexy enough, she’ll think you think she’s frumpy.  Just a bad idea all around.   Flowers and jewelry.  Stick to flowers and jewelry.

V-day Pro Tip.

gentlemen, if your lady friend pitches a fit that her flowers “came in a box“, start holding new tryouts.  Really.  You’ll be glad you did.

I’m A Bit Confused.

If the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit edition is really about swim wear… why is the cover girl not really wearing one?  Just asking.


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