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Bullets, Targets, And Salvation

Tam posted this and my twisted little brain got to thinking.  She talks about speed being THE factor in a “flat shooting” bullet.  Then there is a footnote about the Ballistic Coefficient.  But really, when you dig at it, the BC is just the measure of how well a bullet doesn’t let the atmosphere slow it down.  So it really is just the speed of the bullet.  But then again, if the bullet IS less prone to slow down, using the BC is important. 

That led my grey matter to Faith and Good Works.  Yes, I know.  I do make shrinks facepalm.  I mean, Faith without Good Works is dead, but Faith should, by its very nature produce Good Works.

So it’s all how you look at things.  If you take the point of view of the target* with a nice lead smudge on it’s surface, the bullet needed to go X fps from the point of origin at its point of aim to impact on the target’s surface.  So the target only cared (cares) about the total Speed (Big “S”-Speed).  In other words, a Speed (Big “S”) that was (is) in motion.

But from the shooter’s point of view, (s)he needs to know what to do to make that happen?  You need a bullet with a known flight path so you can say, “if I aim here, it will impact over here.”  You need to know both the speed (Little “s”-speed) that the bullet will be moving and the BC of your bullet.**  The speed (Little “s”) is simply a measure of potential at this point. 

“Faith” and “Faith and Good Works” work much the same way.  From the point of view of the target***, you needed to be moving at X Fps (Faith per second), to make it to the bull’s-eye.  From this side of the equation, Faith (Big “F”-Faith) is a moving idea, it’s alive.  It’s completed or completing.  It’s either missing the target or hitting it safely.

Shift the focus from the target to the shooter, I mean Christian… nah, I think shooter works.  Anyway, shift the focus and you look at the equation in static form, “What do I need to get there?” And in this case, you see Faith (Big “F”), much like Speed (Big “S”), needs to be broken down into its component parts of faith (we’ll call it little “f”-faith) and good works.  On this side, it’s not alive yet, we haven’t pulled the trigger. 

On our side of the equation, the human side that struggles with the HOWs, you need both faith (little “f”) and good works.  One enables the other like a bullet in flight.  Have a lousy BC (don’t do good works) and you will fall faster than a flat nosed .45-70.  Have a better BC and you will be “flatter shooting” and more able to deal with the vicissitudes of the life’s atmosphere.  This all assumes that you’ve pulled the trigger in the first place and have any faith.  All the fancy schmancy techno-wonder projectiles are worthless if they stay in the chamber safely incased in brass.

On God’s side of the equal sign, the side where everything happens all at once, He just sees Faith (Big “F”), and all the good works done without it don’t add up to anything.  Even the acts that are done with faith don’t really help us cause you should have been doing them anyway.  You want an extra cookie for doing what you were supposed to do?  

So, Lutherans and Catholics rejoice!  The centuries old feud can be put behind us****.  Ah, guns!  Is there nothing they can’t solve?

* Let’s say a steel plate at 100 yards
**if all other things are equal. Not going to get into burn rates, powder loads, windage, et cetera… all of which, BTW, shows just how tiresome the faith v. faith and good works argument can get when we should all just be going out for a beer and helping little old ladies across the street, but I digress.
*** in this case, the eternal NOW with clouds and harps instead of the hear-after with Uwe Boll screenings and Justin Bieber muzak playing in the hallways.
**** Ok, maybe there are other things to deal with, but wouldn’t you rather just go shoot some targets then have a beer? We can leave all that other stuff for when the alcohol kicks in.

Will Try To Be Better

Between life kicking my hard in the groinal region and me trying to focus on writing books, I’ve been pretty lax about blogging.  Add to that, nothing really seems all that joyous to write about.  I don’t know about you, but when I read the news, I can’t stop wondering when someone in DC, Beijing, Tehran, Pyongyang, or anyplace else is going to make an ill-advised Jenga move.

The only thing that keeps me from thinking we’ve definitely passed to commit on this little handbasket ride is that people still want me to give them my worthless paper for their gold and gourmet long-term storage foods.  If my paper is so worthless, why do you want it?  So someone, somewhere has a business model that understands that while “full faith and credit” ain’t what it used to, it’s not Tango Uniform just yet. 

I’m going to try to commit to posting once a week when the new year rolls around.  We’ll see how it goes.

“Let Me Explain. No, There Is Too Much. Let me Sum Up.”*

A few things to summerize the last month or so. 

1) Being sick sucks

2) Not getting well sucks more.

3) Not getting well while getting another illness on top of what you already have, sucks quantum values more still.

4) Murphy likes to pile on.

5) While narcotics ease pain substantially, they make me think that TV shows are substantially funnier than they really are. (Which may explain a lot about why TV is as bad as it is).

6) TO ALL TV WRITERS/PRODUCERS/DIRECTORS: There is no, I repeat NO “National Firearms Registry Database” in the United States that can return a gun’s owner, serial #, and “ballistics fingerprint” in 10 minutes.  NONE!  Stop using that trope.

7) I deny that ANYONE save Massad Ayoob, while sanding 6 to 7 feet away, could ID a single mushroomed bullet in a shiny zip-top baggie, that is throwing off glare like a SOB, as, “looks like a .44 cal to me!”  Not a .45.  A .44!  Really?

8 ) Also to all TV personnel: DNA matches take considerably more time than 20 minutes.  I realize the science has improved in the couple of decades since my summer job in the lab at Baylor, but it hasn’t yet gotten to the “magick pixie dust” stage.

9) Having to buy a car while stoned and ill is neither FUN nor ADVISABLE and should only be done when there are 1) no other options and 2) you’ve done all the research prior to being at Death’s door while wearing a stupid grin on your face because the Vicodin just kicked in.

10) There are only a set number of times the human animal can have a snot soaked phlegm throwing 2 hour coughing fit before they simply break down mentally.  The Army should look into this as a torture technique. 

11) There is no good time to need a root canal.  But “while nursing various other infections throughout the body” is certainly WAY DOWN on the suck list.  Which, of course, is why Murphy picked it.

12) If I never take another does of Codeine, Vicodin, or Darvocet I will be a happy man.

13) However, I am glad that medical science has developed Vicodin and Codeine. Darvocet… Not so much.

14) Blogging loses its luster when all you want to post is, “DEATH PLEASE TAKE ME!” or, “blah,” Or, “Waiting for Death’s warm embrace.”

15) I have become completely attached to my Treo’s book reader.  It’s the only joy I had for over a month. 

16) When my Treo is low on power, it sounds like a hungry lonely child crying in the dark wilderness and it stabs me in the heart.

17) For a time while ill, I did figure out what I wanted to be when I grow up.  …Dead.

18) When you are too sick to care about buying a gun… you are, indeed, sick.

19) Cats are freaked out by Select Comfort beds while they are inflating and deflating.

20) Bleach is an EXCELENT oxidizer and when it spills stealthily on the back of your dryer without anyone knowing it, it will do all manner of damage that makes you need a new dryer. (I could have replaced the parts even while running a 101 degree fever, but I never would have felt safe with it again)

21) I’m not in the Christmas spirit and can’t come to grips with the fact that it’s “that” time of the year.  Maybe by 3 Kings Day I will.  But I wouldn’t make book on it.

22) Back to TV.  I think The Discovery Channel makes The History Channel look like a High School’s Arts/Social Studies departments’ joint venture.  My mind was made up with that ridiculous ad campaign for “The People Speak.”  R. Lee, Please find a way to get to a respectable network.

23) While not in the Christmas spirit, I still feel obliged to keep away from the Ebenezer-esque and do try and say, “Merry Christmas.”  Not, “Happy Holidays…”  MERRY CHRISTMAS. 

24) If you are Jewish, please feel free to tell me, “Happy Chanukah.”  If you are Wiccan, feel free to tell me to have a, “Prosperous yule.” (Or what ever you say.)  But if you are a Marxist and you try to tell me anything about Kwanza… Be prepared for a history lesson because even when my mind is addled with drugs and disease, I can still whip your deluded commie ass in an argument.

25) Oh… and if you are a boss and one of your employees is sick and that employee has not only the means, but temperament to work from home… let them.  You’re not setting up a horrible precedent.  Your other employees will thank you that you’ve allowed the plague ridden member to take their disease away from the herd.  Your title, as far as HR is concerned is, “Manager.”  Not “Micro-Manager”.    

26) While you are well.  Right now.  Go and make some chicken soup and freeze it.  You will be happy you did when you get sick.  Go on.  NOW!

27) Shriracha in chicken soup will open up the sinuses.  Of course, if you are already coughing up things that skitter away on their own impulse, that may not be such a good thing.

28) It may have been paranoid to attack everything in the house (save The Wife and the cat. …and I’m still eying the cat) with Lysol as I stated to get better last week. But I did it and am shamelessly proud of it.

29) When your normally sedate doctor says, “Damn!” after looking at the nurse’s notes…  You’re sick in a special way.

30) When you KNOW what a dying tooth root feels like; don’t let ANYONE try to convince you it’s only your sinuses. Not even your beautiful bride. She means well, but she’s WRONG!

Ok… I think that spate of random covers the parts of the last several weeks that I remember.  I’m still checking YouTube to make sure I didn’t do anything viral while viral.  I will try to stay on top of things enough now to post a few times a week.

*With appoligies to Mandy Patinkin

Something Monday.

Sorry.  Lot has happened.  Will start posting again Monday and slowly spin back up to full posting shortly after that.


Tam has a link the cutiest little riffle

I especially love this picture of the little darling next to a 4 bore monster round

4 Bore… Answering the question, “What round for… ?” for generations.


Not feeling good mentally or physically lately.  Too much work.  Too much family.  Too much too much to go arround.  If I don’t end up on a tower with a long bow (going postal with a gun is just not my style), I’ll try to post over the weekend or next week. 

Right now I just need to not watch the news or think much.  Too many of my own issues to deal with.

My Treo Ate My Homework.

I had a fairly long post brewed for today.  I worked on it Sunday afternoon while my wife was shopping.  Unfortunately, my Treo eated it.  Will try and redo as much as possible in a while and post it.  sorry for the delay.

Phone In Sunday Post.

Too many Zombies to kill…

More monday.

Happy 4th

Happy 4th!  No snark today.  Snark tomorrow.  Always snark tommorw.

Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!*

I’m down for this.  I feel like a goober saying, “forward slash,” as well. 

Isn’t she a wee bit geeky with the whole listening to Parliamentary floor-shows antics caterwauling debates. 😛

*No… This is not going to be, yet another, blog poking fun at David Carradine and Ninja Death Squads.


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