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Frackin’ HI-larious.  But is anyone else waiting for some sexy librarian to say, “shhhh.”

One More Reason Not To See Inglorious Bastards

Go take a look at this over at BRM’s site

That book just moved to the top of my “need to read” list. 

When I first saw the trailer for the movie, something beyond the over the top bad accents and cartoonish nature rubbed me the wrong way.  I like a good escapism movie and there’s nothing better than “killin’ Natzis” except for maybe killing Commies… but really, a socialists is a socialist is a socialist.  Commie, Nazi, Marxists, Stalinist… The all want power and to oppress.  What’s not to love about sending them across the veil? 

But a nagging little tickle kept poking me in the back of the head.  There was something wrong with it.  WTH!  I like anti-hero movies too.  Kelly’s Heroes is one of my favs and it paints the war effort in WWII in a rather dim light.  Was it just my intense dislike for Brad Pitt????  Was it the fact I sat through Benjamin Button?  Why did I have such an adverse reaction to the idea of this movie? 

I think I’ve finally figured it out.  I’ve grown up a little.  I can watch make-believe destruction and mayhem just fine.  I can even watch factual destruction and mayhem without batting an eye.  But when the historical is turned into irreverence for the sake of destruction and mayhem… I don’t find that funny or entertaining.  The “violence porn”, as the movie is described, is bad enough.  But when you attach it to a time in history when men, real men, died for honor, for God, for country, for comrades in arms… I think “poor taste” is an apt description of the endeavor.

So I think I’ll let Quinton’s blood fueled rape of historical facts pass me by.


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