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Dear DoJ, Be Careful What You Wish For.

Quick post.  So DoJ files against AZ.  They argue pre-emption.  OK… When can we expect the DoJ to file suit against all those states where it’s illegal to own a Title II weapons.  Certainly that runs afoul of pre-emption?  I mean THOSE laws totally outlaw something regulated by .gov as legal.  AZ is only concurring with .gov, not setting a higher standard. 

Seems to me that the DoJ may win the battle but ultimately lose the war with that argument.   A bunch of “More Catholic Than The Pope” laws out in very blue states await the answer to this.

July 4th… Just Couldn’t Feel The Love.

Job taking all the joy out of writing.  I don’t have much time to comment on anything.  A lot has happened in the past several weeks, but then again, a lot of smarter people than I have been out there commenting on these things… so nu?

I have only one comment on the recently past Independence Day.  I sat in Mass on Saturday listening to the opening and closing hymns that thundered about America and spacious skies and God… And you know all I could think was, “Hog wash.” 

Don’t get me wrong, I love this country.  I think The USA was the best shot humanity had for something approaching true justice and freedom.  But I just can’t shake the feeling that possibility died a long time ago.  I just feel like I’m watching an aging actor or actress who’s trading on the image of what they once were, but after too many face lifts, too many affairs, and too many times believing their own press clippings, just can’t bring the thrill to the performance that they once did. 

Or maybe it’s that old outfielder who just can’t quite cover the corners like he used to and can’t quite get to that low outside fast ball because of too many beers.  He can still rock the fences with a tape measure job if you put one in his wheelhouse, but his time as the unbeatable threat is gone.  He could probably get a few more years if he really tried, but he stopped trying when the love of the game was traded for appearances on ESPN and interviews in SI. 

I don’t mean to be a cynic.  I’m just doing the math and don’t see a way out that doesn’t involve a miracle.  I see two parties who are either completely miscalculating or willfully misinterpreting the masses.  I see 40% of the country being an active hindrance to change, not just a dead weight.  I see people who should be working together, bickering even in victory.  I see the elites snickering into their martinis, pinky extended, self satisfied that they have tied up most of the avenues to power and can prevent meaningful reforms.  Reforms that could cost them power. 

Maybe it’s because I talk to too many people in a day and listen to how deluded they are.  I talk to too many idiots on the left who can’t understand why Socialism is a bad thing.  I talk to too many idiots on the right who still think that truth alone will win the day.  I talk to too many Democrats and Republicans who don’t get just how f’ed up our Economy is and how just plain scary the math looks.  Feh!   Maybe I’m just bipolar and I don’t know it.  But I do know when someone starts singing songs about America, begging God to shed his grace on thee, I get a little worried about what God will send when He’s blue in the face sending grace that keeps getting rejected.   

Perhaps things will turn around soon, but I just don’t see it happening.  The need to call “HARD STARBOARD!” was yesterday and the jagged rocks of the social and financial reality are looming in front of us while our leaders play games (literal and figurative) and smile too sweetly telling us not to worry our pretty little heads.  Well… My head, not so pretty as it is, is worried.  Very worried.  Too worried to sing and pretend it’s all going to be OK.

Welcome to the DH spot, America.  Next stop, crappy local car commercials with loud voiceovers and over emphasized graphics.

Happy Earth Day!

Remember!  Only you can prevent Capitalism and Liberty.

Happy Tax Day.

Enjoy this one.  Next year’s will be a lot worse. 

I wonder if we will be telling our children, “Yeah, back in ’10, we didn’t have to submit our medical records to the IRS.  But you know, son, I really wanted that second Xbox so you will just have to work that second job to pay off my interest and your unsanctioned heart surgery.  Sorry.”

I’m just this much closer to “Going Galt”.

Edited to Add: For any who creep onto this page from, oh say, a referring page that thinks that Obamacare, Taxes, and government control over our lives have nothing to do with each other and that we won’t have to worry about old Uncle Sugar probing into our private lives during tax season; could you please tell me why the IRS should be verifying that I have coverage in the first place? 

I’ve checked my copy of The Constitution (You have one. Right?) and I don’t see anywhere in there where the IRS has any right to see if I have “appropriate healthcare”.

Could you also please tell me of ANY government entitlement that has not grown?  Can you please tell me any government program that does not require increasingly more and more paperwork for verification? 

When Obamacare bankrupts insurance companies with onerous pre-existing condition requirements and they have to be bailed out, like Chrysler, Chevy, AIG (an insurance co.), and the Banks and we have a de facto single payer system, if it is, in fact, the people’s money being spent on healthcare, don’t the people have a right to know what it’s being spent on?  If you weigh 250 pounds are you entitled to the same care someone who weighs 140 at your same height?  No, you are not. You made a bad choice and you will HAVE to be penalized to bring you back into trim (sin taxes on booze and cigarettes ring a bell?).  …And since it’s all being done through the tax code to make it nice and legal(ish), guess to whom the paperwork will be submitted?   

And, just to burst any referrer’s bubbles, we will already have to submit health info soon.  I will have to submit, with my taxes, proof of my, “accepted healthcare program.”  Who pays for my healthcare is as private an issue as what healthcare I receive, because he who pays (and the aim is to make the Government pay for it all), gets to know everything about you.  Once the damn is burst…*

Ok, I’ll grant you, the full takeover is not in this bill.  But like the “sensible regulations” of the FDA; what starts out as an attempt to make some sausage taste better will be an everyday companion in your life.  Like it or not.  And if you can’t see that, well, you are not alone in history.  People of Greece, Rome, Pre WWII Germany, and England never saw it coming either.

One last thing.  If someone’s case is so weak and their desire to paint their opposition with a crazy brush so great that they have to quote a tongue-in-cheek quip that is trying to illustrate absurdity with absurdity, then they’ve really reached the bottom of their ammo bag. 

So I apologize for having to take up ever shrinking web space and increasing the march toward your monthly bandwidth limit (see, there’s that absurdity with absurdity thing again) by Turing a one paragraph frustrated tax day rant into a multi page explanation of that frustration.  But I figured since you were duped into coming to this page to see the Tattooed Two Headed Monkey Boy froth at the mouth for you carnival going enjoyment, I might as well give you something worth seeing.

* Yes, that was meant to be a play on words. 

Something I Hadn’t Considered.

Helen Back, a spokesperson for the American Association for Undead People said, “Insurance companies classify zombiism as a pre-existing condition and routinely discriminate against the undead.

DAMNIT!  So not only will Illegal Aliens be covered, Zombies will as well since you can’t deny pre-existing conditions anymore*! 

Well, not all Zombies will be under Obamacare.  The Dems who voted for it get to keep their Congressional Medical Insurance.  …That we pay for!

*Except for children.  That part doesn’t kick in until 2014, or something like that.  Yet hasn’t that been Barry’s tag line since he signed the bill?

H/T to NJT

Do What The MSM Wants You To Do. …Sort of.

The Dems and the MSM what us to forget about Obamacare and go on with out lives like it doesn’t matter.  Lay back and think of England, as it were.  Honestly, that’s not a terrible Idea at its core.

This coming week, I Dante, do resolve to no listen to the news, to not talk politics with anyone, and to enjoy and celebrate Easter as best I can. 

I’m going to try and post only Non-political stories this coming week and, as Roger DeBris from The Producers suggests, “Keep it light, keep it bright, keep it gay.” 

I may even try to hammer out a range report for my LCR.  It’s been fulfilling its role as a dry fire trainer so far, but I feel it needs some lead down its pipe.  I also need to take my MK9 out and make sure it’s still ship shape after I had to detail strip the upper to make sure I got all the water out of its innards.  No, that is not a story I will post.   Not anytime soon anyway.  Too embarrassing.

I suggest you all do the same and give yourselves a reprieve from the simpering sycophants in the media.  This past week sucked for anyone who loves liberty.  But there’s not much we can do about it just yet.  We’ll have to wait until November to see if we can effect any change.  And until they try and ram Instant Samnesty down our gullets, we can’t really do anything about that either. 

The Spineless weasels who voted for Obamacare think that we’ll “Cool Off” by November.  I have news for them.  We already have.  You see, those guys on the left need anger to make them move.  We don’t.  We have a little thing called the Truth on our side.  It doesn’t need false crises to gin up action.  It keeps burning with a gentle flame like the pilot light in an old gas oven.  It doesn’t need to be stoked, it is what stokes.  Rest assured in September when the elections draw near, we will turn on the oven and the fires will be there.  They will feel the heat one way or another.

We are about to go into the Easter Season.  That should be a good reminder that even things that are dead can be reborn.  So let’s put it all on the back burner for a few days and remember what is really important.  They’ll be time enough to go back to sharpening the pitchforks* come Monday the 5th

*or whichever toys you plan to bring to the party.  🙂

Oh Teh Noez, Teh Peeplz, Tehy Is Teh Angryz!

So the Dems and MSM are all exercised about the VIOLENCE that is being shown to Congress.  

Here’s a couple of tips for you Dems out there.

1)      Don’t shank someone in the yard and expect no reprisals.  This bill is NOT business as usual.  You have kicked a hornet’s nest and you can expect to get stung.

2)      The people are mad as hell right now.  But they are holding out for November.  Whoever is engaged in violence is NOT a right wing tea partier.  It’s lone wolves who are mad hell at you. (Or SIEU members looking to short-circuit any protests)

3)      Right now, the people are angry but still willing to “play the game.”  But you try to ram Amnesty down our throats and you will see violence.

4)      When the American People are ready to be violent, you WILL NOT get threats.  You will not have a warning.  They will swarm like angry insects all over the place.  It will be ugly. 

5)      It would do you well to remember that the Hornets you are scorning because you are, for now, inside the protective bubble of DC have very large stingers and know how to use them.    

Are we clear now?  You started this battle and people are quite happy to keep it in the realm of politics and elections.  …For now.  But we do have a tipping point.  And you are getting very close to that point.  Keep on this road and no one will be the same.  

One last thing from the article:

“Here in America, we settle our political differences at the ballot box,”

True.  But when the people begin to understand that the system is rigged and our voices are no longer being heard because of parliamentary rules and rules violations designed to prevent the changes we insist on, what course is left to the people?  The Socialists Dems changed the game we are playing now.  It’s no longer penny-a-hand, it’s life and death for this nation.  Don’t blame the American People if, when, they respond in kind.

Do also remember.  We ARE a violent people.  We do like the rebel who settles fights with his fists and not lawyers.  Don’t kid yourselves into thinking that you’ve “Europeanized” us to the point that we are loyal subjects.  At heart, most Americans are an undomesticated feral beast quite happy to revert back to ending things with flash of teeth and claws.

Love That Sausage!

The headlines read, “GOP sends health bill back to the House.”  Lie. 

Obama already has his Socialist Healthcare reform.  The Senate bill has been passed and as IS law.  So all that the GOP did was send back some of the amendments. 

But it wasn’t the GOP that sent it back.  Biden could have overruled the Parliamentarian.  Why didn’t he?  I know the House was ready to be done with this.  Was it to make it appear that NOW they are playing fair?  Or did the Senate stab the House in the back AGAIN making them stand up for yet one more vote to put their imprimatur on Obamacare?  Or, are they all just that incompetent, like leaving the, “All children will be covered NOW,” portion out of the bill?  You know, the thing Obama has been touting that is an out and out lie. 

Perhaps it’s to give the House a chance to vote, “NO,” so they can use expert Socialist Sophistry to claim, that somehow, they heard you and tried to stop Obamacare?

Either way, Obama doesn’t care.  He has his precious unconstitutional socialist power grab so a few amendments either way don’t matter one damn bit.  Sausage making at it very finest is on display for all to see.

Oh, Please Don’t Misunderstand me.

I read PDB’s blog entry (by way of the lovely and talented Breda) and it set me to thinking.  I don’t want people to get the wrong idea.  As you’ve seen over the past couple of days, I don’t believe we can undo the damage done by Obamacare’s passage.  We won’t be able to repeal it.  It’s in there and we are toast.  But, so nu?

Look, as it has been said, life is a terminal disease.  We all end up worm food in the end.  Yet daily, for no more than the hopes of our loved ones and the inner dreams of the person we struggle to become, we keep going.  None of us, well few of us, on a daily basis pick up a pistol and hold it too our heads and ask, “Why should I step outside today?”  We simply keep going for no more motivation than the sun has risen and it’s time to sally forth. 

Obamacare is a terminal disease, the chances of undoing it are beyond a pipe dream.  And, frankly, there is so little hope that to hold onto it seems to be pointless.  But there is no hope in beating death either yet I’m still typing at my keyboard.  Why?  …Because I believe in a cause.  I believe that because I seek something greater than the lies doled out by society and politicians, I will, in the end, be a better person. 

In the end, Obamacare will probably take this country down the tubes.  It will probably be the straw that broke the camels back and leaves this nation fractured and broken.  But it won’t be because I stopped trying.  With the intensity of doomed warriors throughout history who fought, not for victory, but for honor, I will keep at this.  It doesn’t matter that in the end, Obamacare will still have its flag stuck firmly on the hill when all of us are feeding vultures and jackals in the valley.   What matters is that I believe in The Constitution and no government, no body of religious or professorial zealots…  NO ONE can make me stop believing. 

So please forgive me for publishing the truth.  This nation ceased to be The United States of America this past Sunday.  The America that went to sleep on Saturday was not the same one that woke up on Monday and I’ve stated why repeatedly in past posts.  The America of March 20th is gone forever.  It is time for all who love liberty to deal with that and understand it.  What is done is done and there will be no going back. 

What’s next is…  Unknown.  The last people that faced this prospect had to fight brother against brother with guns and blood.  In the end, they created The US of A mkIII that, for all its faults won two world wars, the cold war and saved Western Civilization for a century.  Slowly, though, over many years, the mkIII had many minor revisions to the point that it bore scant resemblance to the original mkIII.  Through amendments and laws we ended up with mkIIIa all the way to mkIIIz5/b.  Maybe it was just time for a major revision change.

The USA mkIV (est. March 21, 2010) is a turkey.  RINOs and Blue Dogs think that they can pluck that turkey and make it a sleek turkey.  Socialists are happy with the turkey and intend to protect it with all the power of the US Government, your rights be damned. Conservatives, Libertarians, Blue Collar Liberals, and people who didn’t pay attention to politics and couldn’t ID with a political philosophy if you held a gun to their heads think the turkey needs to be served up for Thanksgiving in November.  Will that happen?  Doubtful.

In the end, however, none of that matters.  What matters is the courageous fight for honor.  I will be waiting for November.  I will be more active in my local state organizations.  I will continue to write and yell and prophesy to any who will listen.  And when all those things become naught, I’ll do what is necessary to leave a legacy of liberty for my children even if that is ONLY the memory that I never lost my honor and courage.

Take the case of courage. No quality has ever so much addled the brains and tangled the definitions of merely rational sages. Courage is almost a contradiction in terms. It means a strong desire to live taking the form of a readiness to die. ‘He that will lose his life, the same shall save it,’ is not a piece of mysticism for saints and heroes. It is a piece of everyday advice for sailors or mountaineers. It might be printed in an Alpine guide or a drill book. This paradox is the whole principle of courage; even of quite earthly or brutal courage. A man cut off by the sea may save his life if we will risk it on the precipice.

He can only get away from death by continually stepping within an inch of it. A soldier surrounded by enemies, if he is to cut his way out, needs to combine a strong desire for living with a strange carelessness about dying. He must not merely cling to life, for then he will be a coward, and will not escape. He must not merely wait for death, for then he will be a suicide, and will not escape. He must seek his life in a spirit of furious indifference to it; he must desire life like water and yet drink death like wine. No philosopher, I fancy, has ever expressed this romantic riddle with adequate lucidity, and I certainly have not done so. But Christianity has done more: it has marked the limits of it in the awful graves of the suicide and the hero, showing the distance between him who dies for the sake of living and him who dies for the sake of dying.
— G.K. Chesterton (Orthodoxy)

So yes, the cause it bleak and with little or no rational hope.  But like Chesterton’s soldier, I will keep fighting until… until… *shrug*You can take a man’s heartbeat, but only he can surrender his heart. 

So don’t let anyone confuse honest appraisal of the situation with a lack of will.  Just because I believe we most certainly will fail, doesn’t me I shouldn’t grin with all of Hell’s own fury as I walk into the fight. And as the old saw goes, “there’s nothing more dangerous than a man who has nothing to lose.” 

I’ve never had a hopeless cause to fight for before.  I’m actually quite invigorated.  *GRIN!*

Fire At Will

… Or Nick, in this case.

In a post yesterday I espoused the “Moderate Delenda est” course for Conservatives since Moderates have been show for the cowards they are.  I submit that this strategy will not only be affective, but funny as hell

Thanks to the Monster Hunter in Chief


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